Muslims enjoy a beautiful fair go in Australia: But they still hate us anyway

Caption: Here’s my Centrelink application, infidel dogs.

A standard bromide from Islamophile apologists trying hand-wave away Islamic violence is that their victims have somehow brought it upon themselves. Even before they?re tweeting about an imaginary ?anti-Muslim backlash?, the pearl-clutchers of social justice are wringing their hands and whining about ?racism? and ?marginalisation?, and how wicked Australian society alienates the poor Muslims and makes them feel unwelcome.

That the violent, intolerant doctrines of supremacist Islam might have anything to do with its followers? propensity for head-chopping mayhem is dismissed out of hand. Islam is a ?religion of peace?, we are told, despite the evidence of our lyin? eyes that Islam is a religion oddly given to even more mayhem and murder than most.

So, when a convicted Muslim terrorist straight-up admits that Australia treats Muslims fairly, indeed better than their native countries, the ?victimhood? fraud is ripped away like a hijab in a fake hate-crime hoax. Quote:

Convicted terrorist Ibrahim Abbas told police he liked the ?beautiful? Australian welfare system, hospitals and libraries just hours after he was arrested over plans to travel to central Melbourne and chop ?people to death with a machete.

Failing that, he was prepared to detonate a suicide vest to ensure he at least took someone with him, a court has heard. End of quote.

That?s a strange way to show your appreciation, habibi. Quote:

It was revealed yesterday that Abbas, 24, currently imprisoned, pleaded guilty in February to conspiring to plan a terror attack with his brother Hamza Abbas, 23, cousin Abdullah Chaarani, 27, and an acquaintance Ahmed Mohamed, 25. His three co-accused have pleaded not guilty and are standing trial in the Supreme Court.

The jury was yesterday told Ibrahim Abbas had pleaded guilty to the charge of conspiracy which included buying chemicals and explosive substances used to make explosive devices and conducting reconnaissance of the Federation Square, Flinders Street Station and St Paul?s Cathedral precinct. End of quote.

Nice bloke.

But here?s where the bacon really hits the frying pan: Quote:

In his police interview Abbas said Muslims in Australia received more ?than what they are given in their own countries?.

?The welfare is beautiful, hospitals are beautiful, libraries, education system, all these facilities that are given to the general population, the Muslims enjoy them too,? he said.

?Everyone gets a fair go and I really appreciate that from the Australian government. It?s not something to be taken lightly by anyone, Muslims or not.? End of quote.

This destroys the victim narrative peddled by glass-jawed Islamic supremacists whining about how awfully they are treated in Australia. Just like the mythical ?backlash? that never happens, the whining chorus of ?marginalisation? and ?discrimination? is utter nonsense.

When even jihadis confess that they never have it so good as they do in the West, the jig is up. Quote:

Abbas told police in his interview he was raised to be ?very peaceful, nice, loving Muslim?. End of quote.

So, what made this ?peaceful? follower of ?the religion of peace? want to blow up and hack to death as many innocent people as possible? Quote:

[he] became an atheist at university before school friends brought him back to his religion. End of quote.

There?s your answer: his religion.

Steven Weinberg has said that, with or without religion, good people can behave well and bad people can do evil; but for good people to do evil ? that takes religion. When a particular religion endlessly exhorts its followers to violence and teaches that violence is the way to ?strive in the way of Allah?, then it?s hardly surprising that even ?peaceful, nice, loving? people cossetted in the bosom of a generous state will turn on their host with vicious fury.