NZ suffers to provide brag points for Ardern’s UN speech

Cindy makes a speech at the UN While NZ burns
Photoshopped image credit: Boondecker

I think I know now why Ardern made so many Captain’s calls and didn’t bother to follow due process.? She did it to provide bragging points for her speech to the UN which she may have considered a job interview of sorts.

The speech had little of substance when compared to President Trump’s speech. Her achievements were all Captain’s calls that signalled how virtuous little old New Zealand is while under her slipper of ” kindness.” quote.

In New Zealand we are determined to play our part.??We will not issue any further offshore oil and gas exploration permits.? We have set a goal of 100% renewable energy generation by 2035, established a green infrastructure fund to encourage innovation, and rolled out an initiative to plant one billion trees over the next 10 years.[…]

For us, that has meant taking action to address degradation, like setting standards to make our rivers swimmable, reducing waste and?phasing out single-use plastic bags,?right through to eradicating predators and protecting our biodiversity.[…]

If I could distil it down into one concept that we are pursuing in New Zealand it is simple and it is this.? Kindness. end quote.

Close analysis of her speech revealed the following:

She believes that a country should put ” Global” interests before it’s own self-interest and economic wealth for the “collective” good and for the sake of the environment.?Quote.

[…] there is a hesitance we can ill afford. A calculation of personal cost, of self-interest. But this is not the only challenge where domestic self-interest is the first response, and where an international or collective approach has been diluted at?best,?or rejected at worst. […] the challenge I wish to issue today is this ? together, we must rebuild and recommit to multilateralism. […]

The race to grow our economies and increase wealth makes us all the poorer if it comes at the cost of our environment.?end quote.

There was a strong flavour of Socialism running through the entire speech. Quote.

The correct response to this is not to repeat mistakes of the past and be seduced by the false promises of protectionism.? Rather,?we must all work to ensure that the benefits of trade are distributed fairly across our societies. […] end quote.

She spoke of building and sustaining international peace and security by defending an open, inclusive, and rules-based international order based on universal values (whatever those are.)

In contrast with patriotic president Trump, prime minister Ardern did not appear?to love her country or be proud of it because of its unique culture and values. Instead, she took pride in being part of a collective.?Quote.

I am an incredibly proud New Zealander, but much of that pride has come from being a strong and active member of our international community, not in spite of it. end quote.