Plan your Whaleoil Christmas

This year you have even more choices for a Whaleoil Christmas.

You can buy yourself a brand new Bronze?Whaleoil subscription or treat yourself with an upgrade to a Silver subscription so you can enjoy even more political nerdy goodness…

You can order a unique gift for yourself or someone else from, the Whaleoil Store. Now is the best time to order as it will take 4 weeks to be delivered on the cheapest delivery option from America.

Our hottest selling products this year were items from the GUNTS range.

This design from Pixy has also been very popular and can be gifted to both supporters of Jacinda Ardern as well as those who get the joke.

Last but by no means least you will soon be able to order an amazing Whale Meat Company ham.

Whale Meat Company meat boxes also make memorable and very welcome corporate Christmas gifts to staff members. ( **Only consider this option if you can handle being the most popular boss ever)