Premier House gets $1 million upgrade

Now that Cindy has decided to live primarily in Wellington, Premier house is undergoing an upgrade.

Are they installing a nanny’s quarter and a nursery?

A Newspaper ?reports: quote:

The Prime Minister’s Wellington home is getting a $1 million upgrade this month, the Department of Internal Affairs (DIA) has confirmed.

Premier House ? the Prime Minister’s residence when she is in Wellington ? will be receiving “important” remediation work as part of a “routine” property upgrade, according to a DIA spokeswoman.

It is understood part of the sum will be used on an upgrade to a perimeter security fence. end quote.

A million dollars on a fence, when there is already a fairly impressive perimeter fence there already? quote:

“A periodic assessment in June 2017 identified some important remediation maintenance work to be addressed to ensure the property is fit for purpose,” it said in a statement.

But today, after questions from the?Herald, the department revealed the $1 million price tag for the maintenance work.

“This is part of a routine property upgrade, as part of DIA’s ongoing asset management processes, including budget allocation,” DIA said in a statement today.

“The essential work will ensure the quality of the property is preserved and that Premier House is fit for purpose given that it is the official residence of the Prime Minister of New Zealand and a venue for hosting guests from other Governments,” the Spokeswoman said.

Premier House has been used as the official residence of New Zealand’s Prime Minister since Parliament was moved to Wellington in the 1800’s.

It underwent a major refurbishment, which was completed in 1990, DIA said. end quote.

How strange. Cindy had originally opted not to live in Wellington, preferring the alternative house in Auckland but when she came back from maternity leave, she decided to move her family to Wellington. Now, suddenly, $1 million dollars is being spent on an upgrade.

John Key was criticised for spending $23 million on a failed flag debate. Lefties figuratively spent this figure over and over again, saying how it was a total waste of money, and how it could be so much better spent elsewhere.

Well, how do they feel about this expense, coupled with the cost of an advertising agency to follow Jacinda around New York, photographing her every move? And then there was the private plane flight to Nauru?

All of this money could have been going towards solving child poverty, Jacinda. After all, that is why you went into politics in the first place. Isn’t it?

John Campbell did an article this week showing that poor people in South Auckland now have $39 per week to spend on food, after paying rent, petrol, power and other essential costs. $39 per week. This is not a fictitious number. This was calculated by Foodbank operators, who say that low-income families now have less than half the money to spend on food than they did a year ago.

$39. Just think about that.

But what is a million here and a million there, Jacinda? It is nothing really, is it? Because these people will continue to vote for you. They are stupid like that.