Six questions for James Shaw

These questions were part of a much longer post on corruption in the science community.? They are worth highlighting in a short post that you can clip and send to your friends who believe in the whole climate change schmozzle. They were worded as questions for the ‘experts’ in climate science so I have slightly changed the original wording.

What actual, replicable, real-world evidence have you seen that convincingly demonstrates that:

  • It is possible to distinguish relatively small human influences from the many powerful natural forces that have always driven climate change?
  • Greenhouse gases now control the climate, and the sun and other forces play only minor roles?
  • Earth is now experiencing significant and unprecedented changes in temperature, ice caps, sea levels, hurricanes, tornadoes and droughts?
  • These changes will be catastrophic and are due to humanity?s fossil fuel use?
  • Computer climate models have accurately predicted the real-world conditions being measured today?
  • Wind, solar and biofuels can replace fossil fuels in powering modern industrial economies and living standards; can be manufactured, transported and installed without fossil fuels; are ?sustainable? into the foreseeable future; and will not have serious adverse impacts on wildlife, habitats, air and water?

Every politician at both?national and local body level should be required to answer these questions.