SPECIAL OFFER: Ham and Bacon

Help us clear the decks for Christmas.

We have a limited quantity of hams available for you right now. We need the chiller space for our Christmas stock which is arriving soon.

If you liked our bacon then you’ll love our hams, plus with each ham ordered we will include 500gms of our legendary eye bacon.?

If you order before Sunday night then you will be able to enjoy your delicious hams and bacon for next weekend.

There are two tastings of our ham available in Auckland next week as well.

Details will follow soon.



  • Whale Meat Company hams and bacon are cured with a water-based cure mix.
  • Whale Meat Company hams and bacon are not over watered as you can tell from the many positive comments about the bacon.
  • After curing Whale Meat Company hams are naturally smoked in our ovens with our Kanuka and Manuka mix.
  • Whale Meat Company hams and bacon are gluten-free.
  • Half hams are approx 4.5kg
  • Whole hams are approx 9kg