The Gunts want your support because people are being mean

I am disgusted to report that a cunllection of Green party women are not acting like the equal of men but instead like fragile flowers who need to be supported and protected from criticism of their actions and words.

The fact that the Green party are singling out their female MP’s on the basis of their gender as needing special treatment and support is incredibly sexist and belittling of women. Far from showing that their MP’s are confident and capable, they are promoting their victimhood.

Green supporters no doubt thought it was hilarious to throw a dildo in a male National MP’s face but if we mock female MP’s for using the C word then all of a sudden it is not okay and we are “attacking” them and being mean and someone needs to give them a hug.

You can send your messages of support to these poor fragile petals here

Be sure to reassure them that no matter what they say or do that their gender will always excuse their words and actions and will protect them from the consequences because…..patriarchy and climate change or something.