The hypocrisy of Jacinda Ardern

It is a terrible shame that many politicians will not sign up to good policies because they dislike the people championing them. The latest example of this is one that our prime minister should be deeply ashamed of, but ideology always trumps policy (pun absolutely intended) with this shambles of a government.

Stuff ?has published an article, written by Damien Grant on Jacinda’s drug policy. quote:

One of what I consider to be the most irresponsible pieces of journalism in this country occurred in 2014 when John?Campbell led?then Minister Peter Dunne around Naenae to witness the harm done by the sale of?synthetic cannabis.

Dunne, who now appears to support cannabis legislation, rushed through a legislative change to ban?the manufacture of these products.

Well done to all concerned. The legitimate manufactures left the industry, and the back-yard cooks?rushed to fill the vacuum. According to the coroner between 40 and 45 people died in the last year?as a result. end quote.

And getting worse by all accounts. That is the trouble with prohibition. quote:

Meanwhile, our Prime Minister, basking in the glory of the international media, thumbed her nose at?the American plan to expand the decades-long failure that is the War on Drugs, preferring a?’health?approach’ to the issue.

Excellent. Perhaps she can have a chat with her Health Minister David Clark who wants to re-classify?synthetic cannabis as a class A drug. end quote.

Jacinda just refuses to sign up to anything promoted by Donald Trump. The fact that his policy just might work and the drug problem could be reduced for millions of people, including many New Zealanders, doesn’t bother her in the slightest. If it is Trump policy, then she won’t support it.

The policy requires the countries which sign up to develop plans to reduce the demand for illicit drugs, cut off supply at their borders and strengthen international cooperation. Can’t see anything wrong with that. But Jacinda hates Trump. So we will do nothing to cut off supply at the borders or to work with other countries to reduce drug supply and all of our addicts can just go to hell in a handcart. quote:

If a drug is legal, someone like Pfizer will make it. Your children will take it. They will get sick, but in?the morning you can collect them from the hospital rather than the morgue.

When they become?illegal respectable firms leave the industry, and unscrupulous and incompetent cooks produce?batches of illicit poison. end quote.

Yep. That is exactly what happens. Prohibition never actually stops anything but it sure works well for opportunists. quote:

?Both Peter Dunne and Helen Clark argue for legislation once they no longer need to face the?electorate and anyone who’s spent over a quarter of a century covering current affairs should?understand this basic truth.

While in the United States, Ardern spoke of a new style of leadership. Fine. But saying one thing on?the international stage while practising something else isn’t leadership. It is hypocrisy. end quote.

Total hypocrisy. But hypocrisy is one thing that this government is really strong on. quote:

Now that John Campbell once again has a bully pulpit worthy of his talents, perhaps he can revisit?this issue and try to atone for the incalculable harm his foray into Naenae caused. end quote.

I doubt that John Campbell realised the damage his article would eventually do. I did watch that video and it was clear that having ‘legal highs’ being sold in a busy shopping centre was doing nothing for the community, which I think was his point. He probably never thought the whole thing through.

But it is not John Campbell that disgusts me, it is our prime minister who, because of her venal hatred of Trump has pretended that she has a better system of dealing with the drug problem in New Zealand. She doesn’t. She just doesn’t want to sign up to the Global Call to Action on the World Drug Problem because Donald Trump initiated it. No other reason.

That tells you everything you need to know about our vain, vacuous prime minister.