The mob rules…

Take a look at this video. It is only a minute and a half long.


The ‘lady’ in the video is a supporter of Christine Ford. She was obviously present at the party 36 years ago, witnessed everything that went on, kept her silence for 36 years, and now remembers exactly what happened between drunken teenagers on that night.

Well, that must all be true, mustn’t it? Otherwise, how can she be so sure of her facts? Sure enough to abuse and harass a total stranger in the street who just happens to stand up for law and order, and the presumption of innocence until proven guilty?

His problem is that he is a man. Pure and simple. And he is being abused because he is a man. No other reason.

That is why he is called a ‘misogynistic prick’.

That is why he is told to ‘Get out of here’ when he is standing in a public place.

And then the entire crowd of women starts chanting – “Go Away”.

Do any of those women have sons? Can they not see what all this abuse and false accusation is going to do to the lives of their very own children?

Is this more anti-Trump sentiment, or is it just anti-men? Or both?

There are two things that terrify me about this dreadful exchange of views. One is that men are really in trouble these days from attacks and false accusations that can ruin someone’s career and life without even a shred of evidence. There is absolutely no hard evidence in the case against Brett Kavanaugh, but that small detail does not seem to bother anyone too much.

The second is the ascendancy of the mob.

We’ve seen it here in New Zealand recently. A bunch of thugs closed down Lauren Southern and Stefan Molyneux just because they could. They faked a bomb scare, harassed people who were interested in attending the function, and they won. They got away with it. The authorities were not even slightly interested in supporting those rights that we have always been told were essential – freedom of speech and freedom of association. No one cared. Mob rule is now okay.

After 36 years, Christine Ford cannot possibly be sure that she was sexually harassed by Brett Kavanaugh. It is simply too long ago. He must look very different nowadays and if the incident was really so terrible and so traumatic – why did she wait until he was nominated to the Supreme Court before coming forward?

You see, a sensible person would join the dots in a case like this and throw the whole thing out but mob mentality rules. All the evidence goes to suggest that mob mentality is winning, all over the world.

Just think. Those ladies presumably went home to their families – to their husbands, sons, brothers, fathers, and went about their business in the normal manner, never thinking for one moment about the damage they are doing, both to men in general and to society as a whole.

But once the mob mentality takes hold, as is happening now, civilised society really is in trouble.