The pathway we are on & concerns about world religions

A huge amount of data is collected on all sorts of subjects and much is made available courtesy of the internet.? Several organisations collect information on religious adherents.? Below shows changes over 40 years between mainstream religions.

Note:? Christianity stays almost the same, Hinduism shows some growth but it is the Muslim faith that is growing spectacularly.? Over the 50 years of calculations Muslim support has grown by over 53%.? That works out at 0.2% increase per year or 15 million new Muslims every year and that percentage is growing year by year.??

Latest estimates claim that there are 1.8 billion Muslims around the world.? The graph alongside demonstrates how quickly Islam is spreading.? The key factors in this growth rate are that Muslim women are having 2.9 children, and growing, per family compared to the rest of the world?s 2.2 children per family and decreasing.

Equally important is that Muslim females marry much younger and have their children earlier.? The median age of Muslims is 24 years compared to 32 in the rest of the world.

The disparity is set to get worse.

These startling numbers would not matter too much were it not for a couple of factors.? Islam is more than a religion.? It?s a totalitarian way of life with a religious component.? It is a geo-political system and culture that dominates government, finances (National and personal), military, legal, social as well as religious activity. ??It is anti-democratic and rejects social norms that exist in the west.

In countries where Islam is in the minority most of its adherents live, albeit uncomfortably, with the majority view.? However the disturbing issue that accompanies the rapid growth of Islam is the percentages of those in that minority who believe in forms of aggression and subterfuge to advance their religion?s influence.

There are a range of surveys and opinions on attitudes among Muslims about key aspects of their faith and its application in everyday life.??

  1. Radicalisation: In countries where Islam is still a minority voice the leading Muslim voices claim that the number among them who are radical in their thinking or who are capable of becoming radical is around 1%.? However independent commentators assess the figure as more like 10% and some as high as 15%.? Brigitte Gabriel, the outspoken conservative who studies Islam and who regularly attacks their claims said, “The radicals are estimated to be between 15 to 25 percent, according to all intelligence services around the world.”

The Muslim population in Australia and New Zealand is reckoned to be 2.1%.? That number grew 600% between 1991 and 2006.? That is 630,000 Muslims in Australasia. If 1% are radicalised or capable of being radicalised then that means we have some 6,000 odd dangerous people living among us, determined to wreck our Western way of life,.? If Brigitte is correct it could be 95,000 to 160,000 corrupt neighbours along our streets focused on destroying our traditions.

  1. Sharia Law: According to Pew research 60% of Muslims, worldwide are seeking to have Sharia Law implemented in some form.? Obviously support is highest in countries that are predominantly Islamic like Malaysia (86%), Afghanistan (99%), Egypt 74%, Congo (74%) skewing the numbers while in the USA some surveys put the support at 51% (CSP) or 40% by Pew.

There is a massive and coordinated push in all Western countries to allow Shariah law to operate in parallel with the existing legal structure.? Such a move is supported by Muslims and non-Muslims alike including the Archbishop in the UK, many Parliamentarians and legal experts.? Part of the problem is that elements of Shariah operate wherever there are Muslims ? they simply adopt some of the Koran?s and other Islamic authority?s instructions.? Once these initiatives take root, often surreptitiously, and they expand a more formal approach is demanded. There are now a number of suburbs in various Western nations allowing Shariah in its fullest manifestation to operate. ?It is difficult to think of a better illustration of the frog in the kettle syndrome.? The lack of outspoken opposition is alarming.

Academics love to parade their elitism and belief of superior understanding of what a nation needs.? Sydney University, for example has adopted two Shariah Law courses for lawyers.? The course professors are calling for ?full recognition? of Islamic law which they claim is not incompatible with existing longstanding and proven precepts.

A system of “legal pluralism” based on Sharia law “abounds” in Australia, according to new research by legal academics Ann Black and Kerrie Sadiq published in 2011.? For example multiple wives is ?acceptable? not just in Muslim communities but by Australian authorities.

The study found that Australian Muslims have long been complying with the shadow system of religious law as well as mainstream law.? Seven years later it has gotten much worse.? The out-going Australian Human Rights Commissioner, last year, called for the introduction of Sharia Law.? When others opposed her stance they were labelled ?fascists?.

At least three bookshops in Australia carry a range of literature calling for violence against non-Muslims.? One Australian Muslim leader publicly described Jews as ?evil creatures?.? The local Grand Mufti described Jews as ?controlling the world through sex? and ?Christians and Jews being as being the worst in God’s creation.”?? At a Melbourne university a group of Muslims used the teaching of Imams who have recommended the death penalty for homosexuals and apostates, promoted terrorism and preached hatred of Jews and Christians.

A 2015 study of over 2,000 Australians showed 80% believed Muslims were not doing enough to integrate.? So-called Islamophobe, Ayaan Ali was banned from entering and speaking in Australia. The president of the Australian National Imams Council, Sheikh Shady Alsuleiman?has said that women would be “hung by their breasts in hell” and women should not look at men.?He has also said that women must obey their husbands to enter paradise.

If these were only the views of a strict religious group they would be bad enough but these people want to trash our Western civilisation, traditions, beliefs and culture and replace it with a cruel, inhumane totalitarianism and set the world back a thousand years.? Tragically, they are winning.? Tragically, we are doing nothing about it in New Zealand.? Tragically, we are even fostering it.

What is happening in Australia, the UK, Sweden, France and Belgium will happen here.? It?s started.

?Nobody made a greater mistake than he who did nothing because he could only do a little? ? Edmund Burke.