The revolution eats its own

Caption: Racism and Nazi jokes ? it’s different when he does it.

Truly, a Trump-deranged world is the best of times, the worst of times.

While the global outbreak of Trump Derangement Syndrome has had its comedic highlights, such as the howling elephant seal of indeterminate gender who was filmed wailing ?NOOOOOOOOOO!? as Trump was inaugurated, such glimmers of champagne comedy have been leavened with the sad realisation that so many celebrities are unadulterated, moronic assholes.

I mean, sure, we always knew celebrities were assholes, but the depressing fact of Trumpworld is just how determined they are to prove that they are no ordinary assholes, like we common proles, but rather, such voracious singularities of assholity that they suck all the light and joy out of the world. Take any given movie, book or tv show that you?ve ever liked, and, post-Trump, its creator or star has doggedly outed themselves as an asshole of the first rank.

J. K. Rowling wrote a first-rate series of young adult fantasy books. Then she got on Twitter and went from Dumbledore to Dolores Umbridge in 140 characters.

But revolutions inevitably eat their own.

Rowling the Twitter-bully has hilariously fallen foul of her fellow inquisitors. Most recently having to defend the characterisation of a demonic snake-woman as Asian. Racism! White privilege! Colonialism!

Graham Linehan, writer of the I.T. Crowd and Father Ted is the latest celebrity social media tyrant to face the torches and pitchforks of his own side. Quote:

The creator of hit show Father Ted has become entangled in a bitter row with a transgender activist who he claims published his family’s private information online.

Addresses linked to Graham Linehan’s wife’s company were allegedly tweeted by Stephanie Hayden – an activist with a history of threatening Twitter users with legal action and reporting? them to police if they disagree with her.

Mr Linehan, 50, was reported to Norfolk police for ‘transphobic harassment’ earlier this week after he shared a post with his 672,000 followers that included Ms Hayden’s aliases. End of quote.

When Scots YouTuber Mark ?Count Dankula? Meechan was convicted for posting ?an anti-Semitic and racist? video ? a prank video, in case you?ve been living in a cave this last year or so ? of his girlfriend?s pug dog sitting to attention at the phrase Gas the Jews, and raising its paw in a Nazi salute, many comedians rallied around Meechan in solidarity. Ricky Gervais, Jonathan Pie, David Baddiel, and more, all expressed their support and their outrage at the criminalisation of comedy.

But not Linehan.

Linehan, an Antifa supporter, defended the verdict, tweeting that Meechan was a ?Nazi?, ?a cunt? and ?alt-right?, and linked him with the neo-Nazi Daily Stormer. When Jonathan Pie responded that it was an obvious joke, Linehan attacked him as a Nazi apologist.

Milo warned, ?When the real commissars come for Linehan, there won?t be anyone left to stand up for his right to free speech?.

Well, they?re coming, now. Quote:

The scriptwriter said he shared the details because he believed Ms Hayden to be ‘a dangerous troll,’ who was ‘trying to shut me up by attacking my wife’. End of quote.

Self-awareness clearly isn?t one of Linehan?s characteristics. Quote:

‘The only thing the extremists will accept in this conversation is complete capitulation but I won’t stop talking about this.’

‘Once people start silencing views, they start thinking they can get away with anything.’ End of quote.

Perhaps Linehan should have thought about that, back when he was defending the right of extremists to silence views they didn?t like. Quote:

[Hayden] wrote on Twitter?Just had a discussion with Norfolk Constabulary. They have confirmed that they are treating the matter as a crime and are commencing their investigations.

‘Now that Norfolk Police have opened a criminal investigation I will no longer be making any further substantive comment about Graham Linehan.

‘In due course I will also commence High Court proceedings.’ End of quote.

Pass the popcorn.