The ridiculous politics of Meth

An alternate perspective on Minister Twyford?s crusade against evil meth testers.

meth user

Is Phil Twyford the President of the Beehive Chapter of some undisclosed organised criminal group? Or is that a title more suited to Ross Bell? Ridiculous as that notion may seem, along with free roving ?Sergeant at Arms? Russell Brown, this ?gang? has done more to advance the meth trade in New Zealand, than any that have gone before them.

The spectacular strategy rolled out by Minister Twyford, has been advocated for by Bell and Brown for years. Ostensibly under the banner of ‘harm reduction’, their strategy has cast a hard-working, largely law-abiding group of people as villains. At the same time people who have actively engaged in meth-related behaviour, have been absolved of responsibility for their actions and are to receive millions of taxpayer dollars.

How much of a subsidy does the meth industry need?

If that wasn?t enough, the principles of ?open markets? have now been applied to the meth trade. Housing New Zealand has been declared a ?free trade? zone where meth is concerned. People with meth habits can occupy the properties which taxpayers own and the ones which mum and dad investors have leased to the State housing provider and use meth to their hearts? content, without fear of retribution.

?We will be compassionate and assist you? says Phil but the services to provide support don?t exist. Those that are generally available aren?t very good and in line with the philosophies Ross subscribes to, even if they were available and effective, the meth users will not be required to use them unless they want to.

So, a policy sold on the grounds of compassion only serves to enable the sale of more meth, further entrenching people in their habit. A habit which in most cases they chose to start, but Ross wants to position as a health issue? I?m calling bullshit on that one Ross! You?ve taken millions of dollars of taxpayers money to reduce harm through your Ministry of Health grants and contracts. Yet the best you come up with is advice to clean your pipe and policy that further entraps people in meth use?

Perhaps Auntie Helen?s international relationships will make things better and bring some more cash into the mix? Dickie Branson is keen to get into the regulation of illicit drugs. Dickie will, of course, know more about these than most coming from a music background. The good thing is, he has shown a talent for making shed loads of money. Perhaps he sees an opportunity to set up rehabs?

The masterstroke of the strategy that will grow the meth industry, has been to get landlords and the general population to think it is a good idea. Blinded by the thought that they can save money and trusting of the messages of the science wing of the Department of Agitation and Propaganda (otherwise known as the PMCSA Office), thousands of people appear to have lost their senses.

Many prospective home buyers, no longer see that spending $300 when investing in an asset worth hundreds of thousands if not millions of dollars, is a worthwhile act. Even though it can save them tens of thousands.

Many landlords are now abandoning the self-protective tactic of testing for meth between tenancies. So there is no longer an ability to hold tenants accountable. This is fantastic ?harm reduction? for Ross Bell?s constituency, the tenants who use meth. Not so good for the landlord. When the magic number of 15 is passed, these trusting souls will be liable to compensate the tenant living there, as well as fix up the house to 1.5. The cost of which will now be much higher than would have been the case if caught earlier and will take longer.

Whether this spectacular strategy has something to do with so many people in Phil?s electorate thinking meth is a good idea, we will never know. One thing for sure, the only people who will benefit are the ones importing, manufacturing, distributing and using methamphetamine.

What has politics in this country come to?