The State house tenanted by drug dealers

State houses

While P-smoking addicts and the families who allowed them to smoke meth inside state houses are being apologised to and compensated by this Labour-led government for removing them from contaminated homes, in Christchurch,?Housing NZ is allegedly turning a blind eye to drug dealing tenants.

Yesterday Police Minister Stuart Nash pleaded with drug users saying ?just don?t go there? after yet another synthetic cannabis death in Christchurch. Recently there have been 19 overdoses. Taking synthetic cannabis is clearly a game of Russian roulette.

According to the mother of a man who purchased synthetic drugs from a state house in Christchurch, Housing NZ has done nothing about their drug dealing tenants. They have been told many times that this particular Emmett Street Statehouse is a?drug house but the drug dealing tenants remain and continue to sell drugs that in at least one case took the life of a young man.

I have a photo of the drug house and the full address but have been advised not to publish it for legal reasons.

So well known is this particular drug house that a commenter?on the blog who has never been there but who lives in Christchurch?knew all about it.

A reader of the blog said quote.

My stepson died in July this year after overdosing on synthetics purchased from a State House in Emmett Street, Christchurch. This house is a well known drug retail outlet, run by a prominent gang (woof woof should tell you which one). This house is not a residence in any shape or form. A casual look from the outside will tell anyone just what it is. They are not exactly discrete.

Despite numerous complaints to Housing Corp throughout the year, both from myself and others, this place still flourishes as the neighborhood drug shop. Just what do these scum have to do to get evicted?

[…] These drugs are designed in labs in China with the intention of being quickly addictive, and then of course the local gangs cut it with who knows what to make bigger profits. Maximum 3 years sentence for importation. Distribution in many cases facilitated by government agencies like Housing Corp […] end quote.

Our labour-led coalition government appears to want to be the ambulance at the bottom of the cliff. The Green party want to focus on health care for the addicts instead of shutting down the evil drug dealers and their suppliers. Even when the drug dealers are being housed inside a well-known State house Housing New Zealand is failing to act.

What is the world coming to when people who use, make and deal meth are allowed to live in State houses as long as they keep the contamination below a certain number and drug dealers dealing life-threatening synthetic cannabis can do so without any fear of eviction?

The State house in Emmett Street, Shirley, Christchurch is only one of a number in the area. I am told that the house looks derelict but is used as a shop for pills and sin (synthetic). A Christchurch Mum whose son died this year after using Synthetic cannabis told me?quote.

My son started taking marijuana about two years ago but moved on to sin a little over a year ago. The decline for him and his friends has been rapid. They are all from good families too.

We tried hard to remove, by various means, one dealer after another from his life, but sadly there was always another one to step up and replace them.

One is the son of the owner of [redacted] at [redacted] Mall. They also use We Chat to receive payments (goes directly from a China bank to another China bank so not even touches New Zealand system). Additionally, they are one of many Chinese suppliers of tobacco and cigarettes, obviously not taxed and again from China to China banks, an increasingly common way for the evasion of GST and income and other taxes. End quote.

It is a disgrace that Housing NZ has allegedly done nothing about their drug dealer tenants. I call on Housing NZ now to remove the tenants from the state house on Emmett Street. They know which one. Apparently, most of Christchurch know which one, that’s how bad it is.

The government needs to take the problem of synthetic cannabis seriously and an ambulance at the bottom of the cliff is not going to cut it. People are being killed by this disgusting drug which is destroying families and the community.