Third wave feminists want to be white men

We often talk about first world problems in a disparaging way because clearly complaining about your soy latte being served cold is a joke compared to third world problems like your child literally starving to death!

The difference between a feminist who fought for equal rights with men including the right to vote and today’s third wave feminists is the same as the difference?between third world problems and first world problems.

My serious concern is that third wave feminists today are choosing causes and complaining about issues that ultimately are going to result in a huge backward step for women’s rights. I believe that their actions today are going to lead to?later generations of women being forced to fight the same difficult battles for equality that the first feminists fought.

Third wave feminists are activists continually looking for a cause. Their attitude is one of grievance and victimhood and they don’t seem to care that they are disempowering women.

They are taking away women’s power because all their reasoning is based on the fatally flawed belief?that a white man is the epitome of a human being.

Wait a minute, back up the truck I can hear you exclaiming. Third wave feminists hate men and particularly white men don’t they?

Well, yes, in many ways they do but they hate them in the same way that a poor person might hate a rich person. They resent what they believe that the other person has and they want it. This is what is behind the so-called?’white male privilege ‘ that third wave feminists always bleat about.

Think about it for one minute. Are Third wave feminists wanting feminine traits, values, strengths and careers to be respected and held up as things that women should aspire to? NOPE, they are agitating for women to be more like men, to do what men do and to have what men have and they want it handed to them on a positive?discrimination platter minus the hard work and sacrifice.

They look down on women who are fulltime mothers and who want to be homemakers. They do not respect their right to choose. They do not value the things that women excel?at and that we are naturally good at. They reject women who are pro-life from their ranks and consider them traitors to the cause.?Feminine qualities like rearing and protecting babies are anathema to third wave feminists. They want to be like their white, male idols and they want male qualities such as the ability to be ruthless and aggressive, with the ability to step over the bodies on their way to the top. Success is measured by how man-like a woman can be. They?act like they hate white men but secretly they want to be white men.

Third wave feminists are creating a terrible world for later generations. While pulling down the white males who gave them the rights and equality that they enjoy today they are enabling the rise of Muslim men who will actively work to take away those same rights tomorrow. If they truly cared about women’s rights they would not be welcoming in millions of men from a culture that treats women terribly. The legacy for future generations of women in these ‘feminist’ western countries will be female genital mutilation, child brides, domestic violence, rape, Sharia law and forced hijab.

Third wave feminists are also hell-bent on taking away women’s rights in other areas. Green co-leader Marama Davidson is a prime example. She calls trans-women (men) her sisters and wants them to be treated not as trans-women but as real biological women. In doing so she is taking away women’s rights in the same way that enabling the rise of Muslim men and Sharia law in western countries is taking away women’s rights.

Women’s sport is being destroyed as women are more and more being forced to compete against biological men. Girls are being forced to share changing rooms and toilets with boys and men. Groups like the Girl Guides are now being forced to allow men and boys into their organisation and into their tents. Jobs that used to be exclusively for women such as the Women’s officer of a political party are now being taken by a man in a dress and the third wave feminists are not only enabling it they are proud of it.

They want to be white men and they are enabling white men into women’s spaces. They really are a special kind of stupid