Today in rock history

Today in Rock History:

Born today in 1943, singer, songwriter and guitarist Steve Miller.

Born today in 1945, Brian Connolly? singer and songwriter with Sweet.

Born today in 1947, Brian Johnson songwriter and singer with Geordie and AC/DC.

Born today in 1950, ?Fast? Eddie Clarke, songwriter and guitarist with Fastway and Mot?rhead.

Born today in 1951, Bob Geldof songwriter and singer with the Boomtown Rats.

Born today in 1957, Lee Thompson songwriter, saxophone and singer with Madness.

Today in 1970,?Led Zeppelin III was released in the UK.

Today in 1974, Mike Oldfield went to number 1 on the UK album chart with ? Tubular Bells?.

Today in 1974, The Beach Boys went to number 1 on the US album chart with their compilation album “Endless Summer”

Today in 1975, Harry Chaplin released ?Cats in the Cradle?.

Today in 1991, Guns N? Roses went to number 1 on the US album chart with ?Use Your Illusion II?.

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