Today in rock history

Today in Rock History:

Born today in 1940, John Lennon?singer, songwriter and guitarist with The Beatles and solo.


Born today in 1944, John ?Thunder Fingers? ?The Ox? Entwistle?songwriter and bassist with The Who and solo.

Born today in 1948, multi-instrumentalist, singer and songwriter Clyde Jackson Browne.

Born today in 1952, Dennis Stratton?songwriter, singer and guitarist with Iron Maiden and Lionheart.

Born today in 1954, James Fearnley accordion and mandolin with The Pogues.

Today in 1965, The Beatles went to number 1 in the US with “Yesterday”.

Today in 1971, Van Morrison released “Wild Night”.

Today in 1971, Rod Stewart went to number 1 on the UK singles chart with ?Maggie May?.

Today in 1973,? “Loves Me Like A Rock” by Paul Simon was certified gold.

Today in 1976, Dr Feelgood went to number 1 on the UK album chart with ?Stupidity?.

Today in 1987, Bruce Springsteen released his eighth album ??Tunnel Of Love?


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