US swimming authorities allow men to compete as women

I apologise if this is fake news. It is almost impossible to tell these days. But for all of the feminism in the world, and the cry for more women in top jobs, it seems that women athletes are starting to really get a raw deal. Because, now, men ‘identifying’ as women can take part in competitions as women. Yes, you read that correctly.

This from?RT?quote:

The US swimming authorities have voted to introduce a new ?stated gender? section for registering athletes who want to choose which gender they compete as.

The proposal, known as R-1, was voted on by USA Swimming?s annual House of Delegates (HOD).

It?outlines?the rights of transgender athletes, and states that swimmers can choose male or female gender identity ?to support a sport culture of inclusion and diversity, while assuring a fair competitive environment.? end quote.

What an absolute joke. If this was even remotely about a ‘fair competitive environment’ then the suggestion would have been thrown out immediately after it was made, and the moron who thought it up sacked immediately for incompetence. Male athletes who have actually had the sex change operation still have greater strength and muscle mass than women. But nowadays, because a fully equipped man can ‘identify’ as a woman, men who are obviously men will be lining up at the poolside with women to take part in a competition. The floodgates will open. (Yes, pun intended.) And everyone knows what the outcome will be.

If I was a mediocre male competitive swimmer, I would start ‘identifying’ straight away. quote:

Transgender athletes will be able to compete in their chosen category even if someone files a protest refuting their status. The swimmers will continue to perform in their chosen division until the protest is reviewed by a panel. end quote.

Which will no doubt be after the race is over and has been won by a man. quote:

R-1 also states that any violation of the rules outlined in the document will be considered as ?discrimination in violation of the Amateur Sports Act which requires that USA Swimming must provide an equal opportunity to athletes, coaches, trainers, managers, administrators, and officials to participate in the sport of swimming.? end quote.

But they are not providing an equal opportunity, are they? They are discriminating against women athletes.?Even the fastest female swimmers will never be able to compete against even an average man in the pool. The difference in strength and muscle mass will simply be too great for any of the female athletes to have any chance at all. So to say this is an ‘equal opportunity’ is just plain garbage.

The damage all this virtue signalling is doing to women’s sport is immeasurable. Here in New Zealand, we have the prime minister clamouring for the Black Ferns to be paid as much as the All Blacks, even though nobody goes to their games. While in the good old U S of A, men are going to be winning women’s swimming competitions by default, because they are being allowed to take part in the name of diversity and ‘equal opportunity’.

But, as I said, I may have been sucked in by a piece of fake news. These days, it is quite possible. Or, alternatively, somewhere in the world, it must be April 1st.