Virtue signalling bunch of ‘feminist’ politicians don’t have a clue

Photoshopped image credit: SB

It appears Willow-Jean Prime is so passionate about ?period poverty? that she seized the moment to discuss the problem with visiting Royalty. We have children living in cars, children bashed to death every 6-8 weeks, and such extreme child poverty we now have feed our children breakfast in mouldy prefabricated overcrowded school rooms.

It’s all apparently the fault of colonisation, what a missed opportunity!

On their return to their castle, I?m sure Harry and Megan will discuss our pressing ?period poverty? problems with Her Majesty the Queen and ponder how terribly wrong they got it. Can you imagine the family slide viewing of the newlyweds first trip abroad?
?This is the New Zealand PM Jacinda Ardern, her baby, and her boyfriend. She?s a part-time politician, he?s a fisherman.?
?This is an indigenous politician who fights the ?period poverty? caused by your rellies.?

This is what happens when a collection of young women are accidentally placed in charge. They are simply too ignorant to realise that there are far bigger health problems with our bodies than periods. We have an unrecognised epidemic of older, sagging, women living with ?facial waxing poverty.?

Waxing Poverty is not a ?Necessity? brand $1.99 a month quick fix. In fact, affording the de-hairing of the upper lip, chin, and sideburns is a fortnightly outlay of about $65. An eye-watering amount to pluck from the old age pension.
I?m sure Queen Elizabeth would have better understanding of this issue than the periods she suffered 40 years ago. Though I?m fairly confident the topic of ?periods? would sit beside not mentioning the war, sex, or Diana.

We all had that hairy Grandma or Aunty we fled in fear of smooching attacks. Those chin hairs were like a hundred fence standards lining up to savage your innocent freckled cheeks. If they didn?t leave permanent scarring, they left a lifetime fear of becoming one of ?those Grandmas’.
It?s not like they didn?t care; it?s because they couldn?t see the little bastards anymore and had to resort to plucking by braille. The daughter and DIL are one’s only hope so shut your mouth, kiss their butts for 30 years, and they may love you enough to take you for a good waxing.

Let?s not even discuss how much it costs to get your toenails cut by a card-carrying professional once you?ve lost the ability to reach your own feet. And who removes Grandpa?s nose and ear hair once Grandma can?t see it? Uni-brows are not some trend of ageing males, they?re a cry for help. Care Givers are no longer allowed to perform such duties now because we have a comprehensive set of ?Health & Safety? guidelines to protect ACC from tens of thousands of ?nicked skin? claims each month.

This virtue-signalling group of young feminists really don?t have a clue. They?re so busy filling all gender, sex, colour, and race diversity holes, they?re neglecting those of us that created their ageist platforms. It?s our own fault because you know … we took it all.
Engine Sage was our only hope, but I?m pretty sure she plaits her underarm hair, so don?t hold your breath.

by KGB