Whaleoil bookclub book reviews

Robert Spencer

With the holidays’ coming up Oilers are going to be doing a lot of reading (hopefully under a tree at the beach or tucked up in bed with a cuppa).

A commenter recently asked what had happened to our Whaleoil bookclub book reviews.

We haven’t done them for a long time because we have been looking for an easier way for commenters to enter the data. We found a plugin for Whaleoil recipes and we are waiting for a new plugin that will allow us to do the same thing with book reviews.

It hasn’t happened yet so we have decided to?go back to doing it the old way until we can change to a more efficient time-saving model.

Please send your book reviews to books at whaleoil.co.nz


1. Put your preferred username in the subject line

2. Write the tile of the book on the first line

3. Write the name of the author on the second line

4. Write in your own words a description of the book and why you recommend it

5. If you really want to help you can provide a link to it on Amazon. This is not mandatory because I can look it up but it would save me time if you include the link.

Thank you sincerely for your contribution.

We all look forward to your recommendations for a good read.