When a Jewish holocaust denialist is the only one telling the truth, we really are in trouble

To those who?ve heard of him, David Cole is a challenging figure. The son of liberal Hollywood Jews, Cole became notorious as ?the turncoat Jew? who embraced Holocaust revisionism, recanted, and then later decided that, youthful arrogant naivete aside, some of his revisionist views were still correct.

Michael Shermer aptly described Cole as very smart and on some level likeable, though a little irritating. What is particularly annoying about Cole is that he is indeed a fine gadfly journalist, as often thought-provoking as he is irritating.

Christopher Hitchens once said that defending David Irving was one of the proudest moments of his life, from whom he had learned more about the Third Reich than I had from studying?at Oxford. Cole the Jewish Holocaust revisionist also teaches a valuable lesson about the decades of leftist subterfuge that have largely lead to the current crisis in Europe. Quote:

Don?tcha Just Hate It When the Neo-Nazis Are Right? End of quote.

In 1992, Cole met with Munich neo-Nazis, Ernst Zundel, and his ?armband-wearing second-in-command?, Ewald Althans. As Cole found out, the neo-Nazis didn?t much care about Jews. They weren?t fans, but what riled them was the possibility that one day Germany would be flooded with Turks, North Africans, and West Africans. Quote:

I brought up what I had read in the papers?that the German government shared those concerns, and that it had promised to clamp down on Germany?s generous asylum laws. At the time, German media allowed vigorous opposition to immigration to be voiced in its newspapers (Der Spiegel even allowed the use of the popular far-right term ?asyl-schwindel?), and German politicians assured the public that making the asylum laws more restrictive was a top priority.

?They lie,? Althans shot back. ?They say that now, because they see the public anger at just a few thousand coming in. But in time, these politicians and globalists will have us to where there?ll be hundreds of thousands coming in, and the German people will have no voice against it.? End of quote.

Cole figured that Althans was just a neo-Nazi paranoid. Quote:

I remained thoroughly dismissive of Althans? warning. Millions of impoverished refugees pouring into Germany? The authorities promised that would never happen!

Speaking as a Jew, I can safely say that there is nothing more soul-crushing than being proven wrong by a neo-Nazi. Give me back my foreskin; I?m unworthy of the tribe.

Within the space of about twenty years, Germany went from ?We promise, no flood of refugees? to ?You vill accept ziss flood offf refugees, und all criticism ist verboten.? End of quote.

What was even more shocking than realising that the neo-Nazi was right, though, was learning that he was a government stooge. Quote:

Guess what? Ewald Althans was exposed by Der Spiegel as a double agent and informer! He?d been conspiring with the authorities (and with actual neo-Nazis) to organize ?Nazi?-style anti-asylum protests to create the impression that being against refugees meant being Hitler (the left tries that ?Hitler? shtick everywhere, but in Germany it works really well). End of quote.

Gibbering about ?false flags? is generally the realm of foil-hatted conspiracy theorists, so it?s kind of depressing to learn that, sometimes, they really do happen. Even at the most trivial level: in the 80s, a member of the notorious punk band I Spit On Your Gravy told me how their concerts were regularly disrupted by mohawk-wearing police provocateurs.

But this wasn?t just in Germany. The Canadian government was pulling the same tricks. Quote:

But back in Toronto, Zundel swore by his mann Freitag, Grant Bristow. Bristow, who was leading the anti-third-world immigration fight in Canada, was the real deal, Zundel assured me. Bristow was dedicated and clever, a master strategist. Through his white nationalist ?Heritage Front? organization, Bristow would keep Canada white!

Except, no. Bristow turned out to be a government agent too. He was a mole planted in the far right by the Canadian Security Intelligence Service…Bristow had been tasked with whipping up acts of violence and harassment in order to discredit the far right and make anyone who objected to open Canadian borders look like a potentially deadly skinhead in the eyes of the public.

That was the early ?90s. And now, it?s practically illegal to speak too forcefully against Canada?s immigration policies. End of quote.

The strategy has worked exceptionally well, right across the Western world. What were once mainstream immigration policies espoused by both Bill and Hillary Clinton, and even Barack Obama, are now labelled unrepentant Nazi-dom. Quote:

As the United States deals with issues regarding refugees and asylum, the examples of Germany and Canada teach us one very important lesson: When it comes to flooding the West with immigrants, the left has been playing the long game. Using false promises, dirty tricks, and an always-compliant media, the left has slowly, incrementally managed to get its way. End of quote.