Why we should NOT be a poster child for climate change

Climate change enthusiasts keep rolling out more and more silly and speculative ideas for politicians with a vested interest in staying in office who are happy to endorse them.

But climate change advocates keep changing the finish line. Now we have to aim for a completely unrealistic national target of less than a 1.5% temperature increase to keep the dire effects of global warming at bay.

All this finger-wagging and nagging assumes that we actually buy into the climate change argument and desperately want to make the changes required to reduce our carbon footprint. But do we?

There are some very compelling arguments for discarding climate change proposals altogether, and here are some of them:

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? Farmers could concentrate on improving productivity which benefits themselves and the economy because they are no longer constrained by animal flatulence critics.

? The Green party could be relegated to useful activities, that is if they can find any, and this reason alone is worth changing our stance over because there is the possibility that the greens might find themselves redundant.

? Car enthusiasts who restore muscle cars would be properly applauded when they cruise around in their wonderfully restored old vehicles just for the heck of it. And don?t forget that the carcasses which would have been left to rust in scrapyards by climate change enthusiasts will have instead been salvaged and reused.

? Other countries with much bigger carbon footprints than ours, such as China and India, will feel compelled [sarcasm] to step in as major players in the climate change game to make a much bigger difference than we ever could.

? We would be aligning ourselves with Trump. The US is a major contributor to global emissions but Trump pulled the pin on subscribing to the Paris Climate Accord and further insulted climate change pundits by resurrecting the US steel industry. We can do the same here with farming as the backbone of our economy.? We are guilty of insulting Trump, thanks Cindy, but hopefully, we could resolve the slights by aligning with the US which would then become a powerful trading ally.

? We could all do as much international air travel as we want with a completely clear conscience, free from the guilt over carbon emissions from aircraft being arguably worse than cars.

? Government spending would drop because our attendance at the myriad of international climate change conferences would be scrapped along with our contributions under the Paris Climate Accord.

? We could put the money saved into improving our neglected roads and investing in some decent motorways if we were not shackled by the impossible task of reducing the number of cars on our roads, which is never going to happen anyway.

? Thumbing our nose at politically correct stupidity could start a trend of bravery where we thumb our nose at other silly ideas thus saving money otherwise badly spent.? This money could be invested in our infrastructure which is crying out for attention.

Redirecting our meagre funds away from global warming and into our own economy is well worth becoming a poster child for. Let?s do this!