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raffish (adj) – 1. Cheaply or showily vulgar in appearance or nature; tawdry.
2. Characterised by a carefree or fun-loving unconventionality; rakish.

Source : The Free Dictionary

Etymology : Raffish is protean in its meanings and possible origins. Its meanings include ?mildly, engagingly nonconformist, rakish; gaudy, vulgar, tawdry.? Raffish is obviously a derivative of the noun raff, but it is with raff that real problems arise. Raff means ?rabble, the lower sort of people, riffraff.? Raff may be a shortening of riffraff (earlier riffe raffe), from Middle English rif and raf, a catchall phrase of very uncertain origin meaning ?everything, every particle, things of slight value, everyone, one and all.?

Related phrases or idioms exist in other languages: Walloon French has rif-raf ?fast and sloppy?; Middle Dutch has rijf ende raf ?everything, everyone, one and all; Italian has di riffa o di raffa ?one way or another.? Raffish entered English in the late 18th century.