Ardern aspires to restore the reputation of politicians

Well, good luck with that!? OneNewsNow reports: Quote.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern says she will have succeeded if parents become more positive about their children aspiring to be politicians, during an appearance on Singapore TV.

Asked on First Look Asia if she entered politics aiming to be the one to make a difference, Ms Ardern said she aspired in part to restore the reputation of politicians. End quote.

Another missed target: Clare Curran, Meka Whaitiri, Ian Lees-Galloway, Shane Jones, Marama Davidson, Golriz Gharaman etc.? and that is just the red team.? On the blue team, the reputations of Jame-Lee Ross and the, as yet, unnamed affairee are amongst those needing a reputation restoration. Quote.

“I always saw politics as a place where you could make a difference, I always remind people of that, if you?re a child and you tell your parent ?you want to be a politician? you?re not going to get the best response,” she said. End quote.

Well, that is one success we can all agree on: The Comrade’s Captain’s Call Policy (CCCP) of driving New Zealand into fuel poverty is certainly going to make a difference. Quote.

“I know that I will have succeeded if kids start saying to their parents they want to be a politician and they think ‘great.'” End quote.

Any sensible parent should say, “Go and get a real job, run a business, learn how to live within your means, get some real-world experience and then, if you still want to, go into politics.” Quote.

Ms Ardern said she was also motivated by ensuring that New Zealand as a nation lived up to the expectations of Kiwis.

“My motivation has always been about fulfilling our expectations of the way we think New Zealand already is, what it can be, that it?s a place that looks after its kids, great place to raise a family, beautiful environment and innovative.” End quote.

The expectation of most Kiwis is that “to look after the kids” means that, when the kids get older, they will still be able to flick a switch and the lights will go on.? That to “raise a family”, they can continue to use all the gas-fired appliances that they have fitted in their houses. That to enjoy the beautiful environment, safe roads are built so that they can travel from place to place.? You know, all the things that are on the current list of “expectations of Kiwis” which Ardern seems motivated to remove as rapidly as she can. Quote.

The Prime Minister said she planned to use the upcoming at the ASEAN summit to spread a message that there are economic reasons for tackling climate change. End quote.

Name one! Quote.

Ms Ardern said climate change wasn?t typically spoken about at the summit but was an obvious threat to regional security and particularly in risk Pacific Islands like Kiribati who were at risk from rising sea levels. End quote.

Oh dear – same old, same old. How about your advisers read the latest 2018 research paper? Quote.

Importantly, none of the 234 islands larger than 10 ha and only 4 out of the 334 islands larger than 5 ha underwent?a reduction in size. The largest islands were the most stable. In the Pacific, where the 16 sample islands larger than?200 ha concentrate, 15 of these islands exhibited areal stability (1 on North Tarawa, 3 in the Marshall Islands, 7 in the?Tuamotu, 4 in Tuvalu), with a decadal change in land area < 1%, while the last island (Bonriki, South Tarawa, 863.2 ha)?increased in size by 22.6%. Likewise, among the 27 islands having a land area lying between 100 and 200 ha (9 in French?Polynesia, 6 in the Marshall Islands, 6 in Kiribati, 5 in Tuvalu and 1 in the Federated States of Micronesia), only 3 increased?in area, while 24 were stable. End quote.

It is not happening.? Remember how the Maldives were going to be underwater in September 2018? (As predicted 30 years before.) Quote.

“Our view is that if we start transitioning our economies there?s a windfall for all of us in that as well if we get ahead of it,” she said. End quote.

Where do I sign up for my portion of this windfall? Quote.

“If we sit back and wait for it to be a necessary adaptation, one borne out of disaster, then that us a hit on our GDP so there?s good economic reasons for us to get in front of the challenge.” […] End quote.

While Ardern is on the hunt for politicians needing their reputation restored, here is a suitable candidate. This one; who blatantly mislead the public by saying she never lied.