Commenter of the week

Here at Whaleoil, we have a lot of talented people making comments on our posts all of the time.

So, every week, we shine a light on the person we think most deserves an accolade.

Please note this is not about just one comment. We are looking for more than that. We are looking for someone who regularly contributes constructively to our forum and to the messages we are trying to send.

Another interesting week. The Jami-Lee Ross saga rolls on, and we now know how long it takes the minister of immigration to read a 100-page file. (Answer: not long. We should bring him into Whaleoil as a proofreader.) We also learnt that Kiwibuild houses, that were intended for low-income families to live in, can now be sold or rented out at will. Great housing policy there. And we saw a shooting in Pittsburgh and a terrorist attack in Melbourne… can’t say enough about the police in both situations. They are amazing.

This week, our Commenter of the Week is a long-standing Whaleoil supporter and an old friend…

? Marylou

Marylou has been a supporter of the blog for a long time. She is a rock and a stalwart and has been a?key contributor to the comments section for quite some time now.?She is one of those people that drives the debate posts sometimes and keeps the conversation going – really important for the continuation of Backchat and General Debate.

She has friends in high places and relatives who read Whaleoil but who do not have the guts to comment. (A lot of us have relatives like that, Marylou – I have a son who admits to reading Whaleoil too ‘occasionally’, although he is a card-carrying leftie so could not possibly admit it in his general circle of friends.)

She is a dog person.?(People who have dogs are always nice people because dogs will only voluntarily associate with nice people.)

Her daughter is vegan (because she believes everything that PETA tells her ) and she has said many times that everyone in her family eats different stuff and it’s a real battle at meal times to keep everyone happy. (She always has the option of doing her own cooking, Marylou – oh, and while she’s at the stove, get her to throw on a nice Whalemeat steak for you too.)

Marylou was one of the blog’s first volunteers and used to do some proofreading, so she knows how Whaleoil works. (Come back Marylou – the proofreaders we have today are vicious nitpickers who take out whole paragraphs just because they are not relevant to the main topic. I’m sure you were much kinder than that.) She has a number of faithful fans, and you can count yourself lucky, Marylou that our moderator Nige is one of them. Well, if you can call that luck…

From Backchat:

Always my view too, Marylou. If there was a party more suited to my political leanings, I would vote for them. But National is still the closest, even though they have swung left these days.

From Backchat (discussing Bill Clinton):

You must know a bit about veganism, Marylou, but do you really think Bill Clinton has a soul?

From: We need more fossil fuels:


And you won’t, Marylou because nobody really believes it. No one actually knows what is going to happen.

And again from Backchat:

I so agree with this,?Marylou. I remember visitors from the UK being nonplussed at almost naked natives with spears coming at them with their tongues sticking out. Let’s just say it is an unusual way of saying Hello!

Backchat again – this time on the royal visit:

A photo opportunity with Harry and Meghan beats one with Anne Hathaway, so Cindy was always going to be up for it. Who cares if she wants to see New Zealand become a republic when there are media opportunities out there!

From National’s hit job puts JLR into care:

I guess politics attracts people with very big egos. Get a large number of them together and you are probably asking for trouble.

On men breastfeeding:

Sometimes I really do think the world has gone mad. Men may have the basic equipment, Marylou, but that is all. There would be a lot of hungry babies in the world if we had to rely on that!

And this one is my favourite. It is so rare to see positive coverage of the Trump administration that she must have dragged it out from under a rock. This is a short video that Marylou posted on Backchat, showing Donald and Ivanka Trump talking about the positive steps their government has taken to get Americans back to work. It is heartwarming stuff, and because the media hates Donald Trump, we hardly ever get to see these things. Thanks for sharing that one, Marylou – it is definitely worth watching.



Thank you Marylou??for your positive and inspirational contributions to our forum. It is heartwarming to have you on board. We couldn’t do what we do without you.

So, here is a little token of appreciation from the wonderful Technomage

Oh, and apparently, Marylou, you have another surprise coming.

It seems that?Nige is going to sleep on your floor and “Nigella” on your couch at the end of December. I’m sure you’ve got a spare dog basket somewhere, don’t you?