Kiwibuild is for every income level and every need

Credit: Stuff

Kiwibuild continues to cause problems for the government, with Ms. Ardern facing more questions about the purpose of the scheme and who it is meant to help.

It has morphed from a scheme that was supposed to help first home buyers who couldn’t afford to get on the property ladder, to a scheme that saw a graduate doctor and a marketer move into the first 4-bedroomed Kiwibuild home in Auckland, with a price tag of $649,000.

Now Ms. Ardern has gone one step further and flung the doors open to pretty much anyone who wants a house.? This little gem from her interview with on Newshub about 7 minutes in to the video: quote:

[?] for us, it’s about providing housing for every price point, every income level and every need.”? End of quote.

Every income level, every need. Thanks, Prime Minister, sounds fab.? I’ll have a 4 bedroom home, close to the beach because that’s what I need.

Chris Trotter gave the government a bit of a lashing too in this article😕 Quote:

KIWIBUILD, Labour?s flagship housing policy promising first-home-buyers 100,000 affordable dwellings by 2028, is a dog. It started out as a political fix and has yet to mature into coherent policy. Nowhere are Labour?s ambitions for KiwiBuild matched by the resources needed to fulfil them. Worst of all, the people most in need of 100,000 extra dwellings ? beneficiaries and the working poor ? are not the scheme?s targets. KiwiBuild is a perverse mixture of corporate and middle-class welfare, offering a handsome subsidy to builders and a generous hand-up to young professionals.[?]

[?] The necessary detailed development work on how it would be implemented, by whom, and at what cost, never progressed much beyond the hurried sketch vouchsafed to conference delegates and the news media six years ago. The consequences of Labour?s failure to fill in the gaps are now embarrassingly clear.? End of quote.

Meanwhile, in Wanaka, there has been little interest shown in the Kiwbuild properties available, and the developer has asked for the ballot to be extended.? This from Newshub:? Quote:

[?] ?While Housing Minister Phil Twyford said at the time the houses would help restore “the Kiwi dream of home ownership to thousands of families who have been priced out of the housing market in the Queenstown Lakes District,” those families aren’t showing much interest in the KiwiBuild homes [?]

[…] The ballot was due to close on Thursday, but the developer has reportedly asked for that to be extended by 10 days, with only 20 ballot entries having been received.

”Some houses have received no entries and the developer has asked us to extend the ballot to Sunday, November 18, to allow for people who they are working with more time to work through their pre-qualification process” [?]? End of quote.

Well, that sounds like a rip-roaring success; building houses that no-one wants. Judith Collins is holding their feet to the fire:? Quote:

“KiwiBuild is clearly a fiasco, it’s not delivering the types of homes first-home buyers want and they’re too expensive for the low to middle income families the Minister originally claimed it would help”.? End of quote.

Quite right Judith, it’s a complete fiasco.