Our new resident may be extradited

The stories swirling around Karel Sroubek (aka Jan Antolik) become weirder and murkier as the days go by. Earlier this week, we were told by the prime minister to ‘read between the lines’ as to why he was being given residency, even though he had arrived with a false identity and was in jail on drugs charges. Most of us came to the conclusion that his life would be in danger if he returned home… to the Czech Republic.

The Czech Republic is not Afghanistan and anyway, someone like Sroubek is clearly quite capable of looking after himself.

So much so that, by the end of the week, Matthew Hootton, on Twitter, speculated that the only reason Soubrek had been allowed to stay was because he had made a substantial donation to the Labour Party although this is unconfirmed.

Now,?Newshub?reports that the Czech Republic is in the process of extraditing Sroubek on criminal charges. quote.

The Czech Republic is preparing to extradite convicted drug smuggler and New Zealand permanent resident Karel Sroubek, local media reports.

In a statement to Czech website Watchdog, the local Justice Ministry said Sroubek was wanted for outstanding criminal charges.

In 2013, an arrest warrant was issued for Sroubek for outstanding criminal proceedings.

An Interpol listing says Sroubek was wanted in the Czech Republic for disorderly conduct, damaging of another’s property and attack of a law enforcement officer.

The Justice Ministry had at some point in the past been advised by New Zealand authorities that extradition proceedings could take several years. The ministry decided then to wait for his deportation.

The statement published on Watchdog said deportation was now no longer possible due to “the recent change of the circumstances” and it will launch an official extradition request. end quote.

So the immigration department knew about the possibility of extradition, and gave him residency because of it? How is ‘wanted on criminal charges’ from an EU member state a possible reason to grant residency? quote.

The Ministry indicated to New Zealand authorities that it was “interested” in extradition in 2015, but on Thursday Justice Minister Andrew Little said he had not received an official request. end quote.

The immigration department knew about this. It became a matter for the minister’s discretion, but surely we can assume that the minister was presented with ALL of the information pertaining to Sroubek’s case. He came in on a false identity, he has been back to the Czech Republic twice (so it was not a matter of his life being in danger), he is in jail on drugs charges, he has gang associations and Iain Lees-Galloway gave him residency anyway.

No wonder the minister of immigration was found hiding behind a pillar in parliament to avoid the media pack. quote.

Photoshopped image credit: Boondecker

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said on Friday she wants answers over how the choice to grant Sroubek residency was made.

She said three weeks is too long for an investigation into the decision.

“My expectation is that it is done very quickly, because from what I’ve seen this hasn’t been good enough.”

Ms Ardern said the minister could only work with the information given to him, and it seemed clear there had been some contradictory information provided. end quote.

Jacinda cannot run and hide from this. She defended the decision for most of the week, saying that sometimes the government had to make difficult choices and that she stood by her minister?even though he was an idiot. Now she is backtracking so fast, her head is spinning. Must be time for a baby photo…

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern puts a hat on baby Neve after giving her opening address at the Labour Party conference in Dunedin. Photo / Audrey Young
Oh, look… Saturday morning… what a surprise.
This has been a dreadful decision for this government. If you ever wondered if they have any idea of what they are doing, this proves beyond a doubt that they do not. Giving residency to a wife beating drug dealer with gang associations who has used a false identity and is wanted in his homeland on criminal charges is beyond belief. Pretending that it was some kind of noble decision, that only those who care about human rights would understand was patronising in the least. Now to claim that the whole thing ‘hasn’t been good enough’ is just bulldust. The government has proved how totally inept they really are.
There are now calls for Iain Lees-Galloway’s head. No wonder he was hiding behind pillars in Parliament. Another ministerial cock-up of immense proportions. Can someone please rescue us from these clowns before it really is too late?