The UN Global Compact for safe, orderly and regular migration

Europe has seen its biggest ever horde of migrants swarming into it in the last three years and Trump is currently resisting thousands of migrants attempting entry into the US.

It?s logical to assume an international process to bring safety and order into the migration process would be welcomed, right?? Well it would be if we didn?t know that en-masse, the recent migrants into Europe left any peace, safety and order they might have had behind in the countries they left, instead bringing hatred, terrorism, fear and disorder to their new countries of abode.

This fact is ignored by the UN who are under the illusion that migrants are what every country wants.

That?s like saying every kid wants a puppy for Christmas and continuing to say it after an un-trainable Christmas puppy fouls the carpets, chews the furniture and bites the kids. I?m sorry, that puppy is not returnable and neither are your migrants.

The UN brushes aside the unpleasant three years of migrant chaos in Europe and proposes that this friendly non-binding United Nations Global Compact will solve all problems and ease the flow of migrants out of Africa into Europe and beyond, to our distant shores in fact.

The word regular is an important one because the UN wants to encourage more migrants on a regular basis.

The UN wants us to advertise on their website the generous lifestyle and social benefits that we enjoy from our hard earned tax dollars so that prospective migrants living hand to mouth in tin sheds with dirt floors are encouraged to go shopping for their country of choice and receive all assistance to come here and take it.

The European Union agrees saying this is the first much needed international and non-legally binding cooperative framework on migration. ?Quote.?

[The EU] says migration is a global reality, which no country can address on its own.?It therefore?requires global solutions and global responsibility sharing, based on international cooperation. The Global Compact on Migration aims to foster international cooperation by setting out guiding principles and providing for a multilateral political framework.? End of quote.

The final draft document can be viewed here.? Quote.

The text of the compact was approved by all 193 UN member states ? except the U.S., which had pulled out of the talks earlier.

Member states are supposed to sign it formally at a special conference in Morocco next month. There?s nothing in the document to stop them from doing so; it?s a non-binding, good-natured declaration of intent to collect data on migration, adopt data-supported policies, not to violate migrants? human rights, and to make honest attempts to integrate immigrants.? End of quote.

Non-binding and good-natured, eh?? Why then, despite the earlier approval of the text by all 193 UN member states except the US, is Europe very nervous about it with six European countries refusing to sign and others in an uproar. If we are obliged to ‘make honest attempts to integrate migrants’ who is going to be responsible for immigrant attempts to integrate? What we saw in Europe was migrant resistance to learning the host language and a lack of desire to work.??Quote.?

Our decisions on immigration policies must always be made by Americans and Americans alone,? Nikki Haley, then the U.S. Ambassador to the UN, said in?December, adding that a global approach to the issue was ?simply not compatible with U.S. sovereignty.?

The text of the agreement specifically?takes care of that objection. The compact ?reaffirms the sovereign right of states to determine their national migration policy and their prerogative to govern migration within their jurisdiction.?

That hasn?t prevented Hungary from following Trump?s lead. At a press conference with Austrian Vice Chancellor Heinz-Christian Strache, Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto?branded?the pact as ?the betrayal of Europe.? Strache agreed, and Austria won?t sign.

The line to the exit has lengthened. Australia has pulled out, while Poland, the Czech Republic, Croatia and Bulgaria have?indicated?they won?t sign either. In Estonia, discussions about?the compact almost triggered the collapse of the government. Pro Patria, one of the junior partners in the ruling coalition, has agitated against the cabinet?s decision to approve the pact. If the Baltic state?s lawmakers now vote it down, Estonia won?t sign.? End of quote.

European countries who have experienced migrant behaviour first hand are understandably nervous about where this supposedly toothless, non-binding Global Compact will take them.? Commentator Adam Forisek wrote on a pro-government Hungarian website that it would still be binding morally and politically, and could leave governments open to legal challenges.

Australia refused to sign, Scott Morrison calling it a hollow document that was contrary to the national interest and would be used against Australia by critics of its border policies. Quote.?

I?m not going to sign up to an agreement that I believe will only be used by those who have always tried to tear our stronger border policies down,? Mr Morrison said.? End of quote.

Ardern indicated her position that we are part of a global community who must take global responsibility. Everyone singing now, “we are family…”

In her speech at the UN she called us??global citizens? with a ?collective impact?.? Although no one seems to have asked her the question, it is clear that she wants to sign the Global Compact next month.? Our Minister of Foreign Affairs is, once again, noticeably silent. Quote.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern’s?debut speech to the United Nations General Assembly promoted a world view that stands in stark contrast to United States President Donald Trump.

In New York, Ardern called for a different world order – one that puts “kindness” ahead of isolationism, rejection and racism.

She also warned that abandoning agreements – which is being done by the US – would be “catastrophic”. End of quote.

Catastrophic is what we will get right here when we sign onto the Global Compact.

The list of countries who have indicated?they will not sign are the US, Poland, Israel, Estonia, Czech Republic, Austria, Hungary, Croatia, Bulgaria and Australia.

Jacinda’s small country in the Pacific Ocean is getting smaller by the minute, and her friends and allies further and further away.? We should get ready to welcome more of the great unwashed than any of us ever wanted.