Will NZ reject the ‘abomination’ that is the UN Migration Pact?

Dieuwe de Boer


Why haven’t we heard about the Global Compact for Migration here in New Zealand? President Trump made waves when he rejected the pact, due to be signed this December, nearly a year ago. Israel, Australia, Poland, Hungary, Austria, Bulgaria, Croatia, Slovakia, Estonia, and the Czech Republic have since?either followed suit or signalled that they would also withdraw. The list grows longer almost by the day.

Note that nearly all of these nations face direct threats from illegal migration: the USA from its southern border, the Europeans from their southern and eastern borders, Australia from its northern border, and Israel from just about every border.

Here in New Zealand, the only party that has released any statement on this pact has been the New Conservative Party, whose deputy leader Elliot Ikilei?denounced it as reading like dystopian science-fiction.

We know that the National, Green, and ACT Parties are all for open borders, either wanting to prop up the economy with migrant workers or virtue signal by accepting increasingly large numbers of refugees. It’s no surprise that we haven’t heard a peep from those directions.

The silence from the Labour and NZ First Parties is more interesting, as both campaigned against mass immigration. Their policy and campaigning is actually irrelevant though; the personal opinions of Jacinda and Winston are what really matter.

Judging by Jacinda’s recent words and actions, she’s doing a Helen Clark 2.0 and posturing for a cushy UN job after she wraps up two or three terms as Prime Minister. She’ll have this goal in the back of her mind and she’ll be 100% on board with the Migration Suicide Pact. At this rate, she’ll have no trouble becoming the first Oceanian Secretary-General of the United Nations.

Guessing at Winston’s position is trickier. You have one group of people who keep complaining that Winston is in charge and Labour does what he tells them, and then you have another group who says that Winston has sold everything out and does as he’s told. I don’t have a horse in that fight, so I’ll go with what we can observe. Winston trades what he finds important for what he does not. Does Winston think this is important? We can postulate that he cares about other things more, since to date immigration and refugees have been low on his priority list. He knows Jacinda wants this really badly, so there’s likely some behind-the-scenes horse trading going on where she gets the Migration Pact and he gets something else.

Why haven’t our legacy media run a single article on this? I’ve scoured their search archives and can’t find anything mentioning the migration pact. Why haven’t they asked Winston or Jacinda if we’re going to sign this abomination?

If this is the first you’ve heard of the UN migration pact, then you’re in for a treat. The full document is available as a?PDF download, and Stefan Molyneux’s 1.5-hour detailed analysis can be found?on his Youtube channel. Faith Goldy also has a shorter?14-minute video covering the basics.

While the entire document is considered non-binding, you know that it won’t remain so for long. The pact is one massive attack on our national sovereignty and hands control of our immigration policies to the unelected global bureaucracy who get to determine who comes into our country.

It’s important to note that this pact isn’t about refugees, genuine or not. It’s not even about immigrants – people who do all the preparation, planning, and paperwork to move to a country for mutual gain. This pact is about economic migrants (formerly known as illegal aliens) who forcefully violate borders looking for a better or easier life without regard to the sovereignty of their new host nation.

There is no reference in the document to consultation with those native populations who will be at the receiving end of this migration. It does not contain details about who will be paying for this (you will), the impact on infrastructure, or any limits on the flow of migrants.

It’s a wishlist and it openly states that the goal is the full implementation of Agenda 2030. There is even the mention of “climate change” as a magic hook as to why people might wish to migrate elsewhere and it openly admits it wants to set up regular routes?? a constant, unending flow?? for these illegal migrants to take.

One of the worst parts is that censorship is heavily implied, as the document requires a commitment to “eliminate all forms of discrimination, including xenophobia, racism, and intolerance against migrants and their families.”

Do you have a disagreement with the pact, comrade? Off to the gulag with you.

You can bet all the migrants will be going in one direction too. From the failed states in the third-world to Europe, North America, Australia, and New Zealand.

Meanwhile, countries like Saudi Arabia and the rest of the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation voting bloc will happily approve this with a laugh, while taking zero refugees themselves, and flooding the west with the victims of their corrupt ideologies.