12 days of Christmas songs – 5

via ODT

Inspired by Mick le and The First Noel.

The first “Oh well”, Clare Curran did say,
“I really should have recorded my meeting that day.
Meeting Carol in secret simply was not the way
When Open Government was why I am getting my pay.”

Oh well, oh well,
Oh well, oh well.
Jacinda is angry it’s quite clear to tell.

The next “Oh well”, Meka Whaitiri did say,
“I could have handled my staff in a much better way.
Of course, I dispute what the report had to say!
But my time as a Minister has sure had its day.”

Oh well, oh well,
Oh well, oh well,
But the whanau closed ranks, and no one will tell.

The third “Oh well” Iain L-G did say,
“The case was mishandled, it’s clear to this day.
Many facts in the file could have come into play
But I simply decided the drug lord could stay.”

Oh well, oh well,
Oh well, oh well,
The Hon Michael Woodhouse is giving me hell.