12 days of Christmas songs – 6


Once in Royal David’s City was such a great carol till trashed below.

Once in Welly’s windy city
Met the leaders so it’s said.
Where the mothers took their babies,
To the Chamber to be fed.
Mallard bounced one on his knee,
Media covered it with glee

Neve, she was a first-born wonder,
A working mum’s first of all was she.
And the UN was her moment
For the world her face to see.
No more poor, and mean, and? lowly,
Jacinda’s banished all the poverdy.

And through all her wondrous childhood
Media will fawn and praise.
Women’s mags will fill their covers,
While the first couple their kid will raise.
Political children all should be
Kept from the media, it’s plain to see.