50 high profile women write letter berating men

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RNZ ?reports: quote.

The government has welcomed the release of an open letter from 50 influential women calling for more to be done to stop violence against women.

Former prime ministers Helen Clark and Dame Jenny Shipley are among those who signed the letter wanting action against violence in the wake of the killing of tourist Grace Millane.

Ms Millane’s death was a shock to New Zealanders but also a wake-up call, Dame Jenny said.

She said the government must ensure support is available when people face violence, but the public also needs to have more open conversations about consent and healthy relationships. end quote.

We don’t even know what happened yet. The police have a suspect who was most likely the last person to see Grace alive. I imagine they are still piecing the final moments of her life together to try to spell out exactly what happened and how she died.

In the meantime, 50 women of ?influence? bandy together to decry all men, because one man may have killed a British tourist. quote.

The open letter, addressed to Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, calls for a cross-party plan to stop violence against women, better services for women who have been attacked, and more public awareness campaigns.

The Undersecretary for Domestic and Sexual Violence Jan Logie said addressing violence against women and other forms of family and sexual violence is a priority for the government.

Ms Logie said she was “very pleased” with the letter. “People making this call gives us clear partners in this effort and we’re grateful for it,” she said. end quote.

It will achieve precisely nothing, because people who find themselves in the throes of murdering someone rarely stop to consider what Jan Logie might think about it. quote.

“No other government has made the safety of women and children such a central part of its programme.”

Within the last year the government has passed laws protecting victims of domestic violence, including making strangulation a specific criminal offence, and making victims of violence eligible for up to 10 days’ paid leave. It has also boosted baseline funding to all family violence services at a $70 million cost.

The Justice Minister is currently reviewing changes made to the Family Court to ensure they’re working to keep people safe, she said. end quote.

Here’s a thought. How about revisiting the government’s new ?catch and release? policy? You know – the one that goes soft on criminals? That might have an effect, where writing a letter will not. quote.

“Recently we directed WorkSafe to make sexual harassment a priority, and it has issued guidelines to employers about how to prevent harassment.”

Next year the government is developing a national strategy to end family sexual violence, she said, adding that it will be an action plan “for all of us”.

Ms Logie said she wants the public to know the government is listening and doing everything it can to eradicate violence in the home. “It will take some time to rebuild the capacity of a sector that has been seriously neglected under the previous government but we’re working on it.” end quote.

Once again, it will achieve precisely nothing. It may have escaped everyone’s attention, but Grace Millane was not killed at work, nor at home. She was killed as a result of going on a date with a total stranger. At least that is all we know so far.

I will say it again. I am so sorry about the death of Grace Millane, a young woman with her whole life ahead of her, but this outpouring of grief for a total stranger is nothing but hysterics. The way everyone – including 50 ?women of influence? – seems to be taking the opportunity to put the boot in where men are concerned is positively ghoulish. Maybe it is time I identified as a man, because there is no way in hell I would ever want to be associated with that bunch of harpies.