Air NZ strike now to go on for 3 days

… right on Christmas.

Newshub reports that it is clearly not enough for the Air New Zealand engineers to strike on December 21st, which is the busiest travel day of the year. There are people travelling on the 22nd and the 23rd too. So now the strike will go on for 3 days… just to make sure that they don’t miss out on causing as much chaos as possible to everyone’s Christmas travel plans.

Why should the people travelling on the 21st be the only ones to have all the fun? quote.

The unions representing Air New Zealand’s engineering and logistics workforce have confirmed they have served a three day strike notice to the airline.

The action is scheduled for December 21, 22 and 23.

Union members voted in favour of industrial action last week. The union says the strike action relates to Air NZ’s “low offer and requests for cuts to sick leave and overtime”.

The airline and union members were involved in negotiations until late on Monday evening. end quote.

My hatred of the unions began in Britain in the 1970s when I had to study for my A levels in candlelight thanks to miners’ strikes every winter. It was blackmail, pure and simple. This is blackmail too. quote.

Savage, Head of Aviation at E t?, says the decision to strike was not taken lightly.

“While the bargaining team is trying hard to get a workable offer, the union members are steadfast in their commitment to taking industrial action if necessary.”

A third day of negotiations will begin on Wednesday morning.

Air NZ says the airline will do all it can to get customers where they need to be this Christmas. end quote.

But it doesn’t have a hope in hell, particularly now that they are looking at, not one day’s disruption, but three. quote.

“We know customers are very concerned about their travel plans at this important time of the year, and unfortunately we are not in a position to provide certainty at this time,” Air NZ’s customer experience manager Anita Hawthorne said.

“We would like to reassure customers that we remain committed to mediation with unions and we are still hopeful of reaching a resolution which sees strike action averted.”

But the airline can’t rule out delays or cancellations due to the strikes. end quote.

No, they can’t. Unless the unions get their way, there will be a major disruption to Christmas travel plans for just about everyone trying to be somewhere else at Christmas… if they are using Air New Zealand, that is.

There was an article I read somewhere about a young woman whose family were coming here for her wedding… bad luck. They were flying Air New Zealand. Wouldn’t you be downright furious if you had been planning an event like this for a long time, only to have everything thrown up in the air by a bunch of greedy unionists who are taking advantage of the busy holiday season to hold everyone to ransom?

I can’t remember when we were last faced with so much industrial action and disruption… oh wait. Yes, I can. That would have been ten years ago, under the last Labour government.

UPDATE: The above was true at the time if writing. The strike has now been called off.