All leaks are not equal

It seems Simon Bridges is unable to make up his mind about leaks coming from his caucus.

Back in August when his travel expenses were leaked, he was hell bent on finding out who the leaker was, even though the numbers were due to be released officially the following week.

Newshub reports: Quote.

Newshub can reveal that Simon Bridges made an urgent demand of the country’s most powerful police officer – requesting he reveal the identity of the leaker of his expenses.[?]

[?] Mr Bridges made his first request to the Commissioner of Police on August 24, and was told police would not disclose that information “in the interests of privacy”.[?]

[…] Newshub can reveal that three days later, his Chief of Staff wrote a tersely worded letter to the Commissioner, which read:

“It is illogical that NZ Police have the identity of this person, but have not released that information to National.” [?]

[…] Mr Bridges blamed Jami-Lee Ross for the leak, and the inquiry said the evidence pointed to Ross but couldn’t prove it.

Since Mr Ross’ unceremonious departure, the National caucus has continued to leak.[?]? End of quote.

Based on his past reaction to National party leaks, you would think he would be pulling out all the stops to find out who was responsible for the latest round of seepage. ?But no, this time he’s unfazed, as reported in A newspaper.? Quote:

Opposition leader Simon Bridges says he is “unfazed” by the latest tranche of internal National Party information that has been leaked to media.

Speaking to RNZ this morning, Bridges called the leaked details of party policies “minor bits and pieces”.

An anonymous leaker, who claimed to be a National MP but did not use a parliamentary email address, leaked the information to the Weekend Herald.[?]

[?] The leak of the policy documents came after National’s internal polls and media talking points, sent to MPs, were also leaked to media last week.[?]?End of quote.

He insists on a high-cost investigation into a leak of information that was going to be in the public domain anyway, yet he is not bothered by leaking internal polls that should never have been seen outside the party.

Maybe he’s only concerned about finding the leaker if he thinks he can blame Jami-Lee Ross.

No matter, he has a problem with disloyalty in his caucus and it’s not going away any time soon.

What Simon Bridges needs for Christmas this year.