An ‘almost’ abortion free city

When I was at Teacher’s training college I was part of what was called Operation 500. I protested peacefully and quietly outside an Auckland abortion clinic and was physically removed (dragged) by police down some stairs as I, along with everyone else, refused to leave. I felt for the poor cops but they were very efficient and soon had removed us all and loaded us into paddy wagons.

I had my name published in the paper as if I were a serious criminal; I copped a large fine and that was the end of that. Even back then I felt like I was fighting a losing battle on behalf of the thousands?of unborn children who are legally killed every year in New Zealand.

Even more than 20 years ago, when I was protesting, late-term abortions were happening. As I protested that day I saw a clearly pregnant woman being marched into the clinic by what could have been her uncle or father. It was heartbreaking. She was clearly there against her will. I can still see her in my mind’s eye as that is the kind of thing you can never forget.

In Nashville, the last abortion clinic?has been closed on the heels of a downward trend since 2000. ( *There is a possibility however that local hospitals may still be doing them). A culture change?has resulted in fewer doctors wanting to learn how to kill unborn children. “Doctors are?increasingly less likely to take on the training, while medical students who do learn how to commit abortions?say they are shunned.” Perhaps, thanks to the internet, people now know that it is not a clump of cells and that what the doctors are doing is actually a bloody and barbaric business.?

Live Action explains:?quote.?

The last?abortion?facility in Nashville, a Planned Parenthood, has stopped committing abortions.[…]

[…] the Tennessean reports?that?Planned Parenthood?has experienced a shortage of abortionists, and as of now, there is no timeline for when abortions will be available at the Nashville Planned Parenthood again.

Because of this closure, Tennessee now has just six abortion facilities in the state, down from 16 in 2000. It is not known at this time if Nashville area hospitals commit abortions for so-called ?medical reasons? though there is that possibility. As for elective abortions, it appears that, as the news outlet?USA Todayhas stated, women are being sent 200 miles away for elective abortions.

In August 2018, Nashville?s other abortion facility was?finally shut down. It was unlicensed, and was owned by abortionist Gary Boyle, who notoriously threatened pro-lifers with a loaded gun in 2010.[…]

The problem Planned Parenthood is experiencing with this closure is not an uncommon one; there is increasing anxiety among pro-abortion advocates over the lack of doctors willing to learn how to commit abortions. Doctors are?increasingly less likely to take on the training, while medical students who do learn how to commit abortions?say they are shunned.

Late-term abortionist Susan Robinson has complained that abortionists?are not respected by the medical community.

?If you do abortions, it is very hard to get the privilege to work in a hospital, because they don?t like abortion providers,? she said. ?They are almost all done in outpatient clinics, free-standing clinics, in this country. Being an abortion provider is very stigmatized. Other doctors look down on you and think of you as like the lowest of the low.?

Late-term abortionist Warren Hern likewise complained that abortionists are?made to feel ?irrelevant,??while facility owner Diane Derzis said that even among abortion supporters, abortionists are still??seen as dirty?. […]

*Editor?s Note, 12/13/18: The title of this article and some information has been changed due to the possibility of Nashville area hospitals committing abortions. end quote.