At least Australia’s doing something right

Caption: “We demand a pile of cash this high.”

Some good news is coming out of the latest climate jet-set gab-fest: Australia is at least doing something right. Quote:

Australia has been singled out for working ?hand in glove? with the United States to block progress at UN climate change talks in Katowice, Poland.

Negotiations have hit a stalemate with many of the key issues needed for a rule book to bring the Paris Agreement into force unresolved. End of quote.

Faced with the shocking prospect of not getting their own way for once, the globalists are stamping their feet and blustering threats. Quote:

UN Secretary General, Antonio Guterres, yesterday challenged government officials ?to accelerate and finish the job.?

?To waste this opportunity would compromise our last best chance to stop runaway climate change. It would not only be immoral, it would be suicidal,? Guterres said. ?This may sound like a dramatic appeal, but it is exactly this: a dramatic appeal.? End of quote.

Drama it is, indeed. Unfortunately, the Paris Agreement will actually make diddly-squat of a difference to the global climate. Quote:

The high ambition coalition includes many European countries Island states and New Zealand but excludes Australia.

Nor does it include major emitters China and India. End of quote.

If carbon-spewing China and India aren?t in it, then it?s a waste of time – even assuming that its draconian agenda of hobbling the developed world?s economies could achieve anything but misery and penury for a large part of the globe.

The tanties from the gibsmedat brigade are coming thick and fast. Quote:

Vanuatu minister Ralph Regenvanu said a vocal minority had hampered negotiations and the next days would be critical to get an outcome that seriously tackled climate change.

Hardest Sing from ActionAid International said the United States was the key actor disrupting progress across the board.

?They have no stake in the Paris Agreement, but continue to enjoy their seat at the table and are using every single opportunity to destroy the agreement?, he said.

?The US? ally Australia has been hand in glove through the negotiations?, he said. End of quote.

Of course, we have. We have a common interest with the US: not sacrificing our prosperity at the altar of a globalist religion, by crippling our economies and funnelling truckloads of money down the gullets of mendicant Third-World grifters.

Naturally, there?s no show without Punch: Quote:

New Zealand minister James Shaw, said the IPCC report had been ?a wake up call to all of us?.

?The Paris Agreement was great but it said what we want to do but didn?t say a whole lot about how we want to do it,? Mr Shaw said.

?Now we need to say how we want to do it,? he said. End of quote.

The same way you watermelon nitwits do everything: by taxing the bejesus out of ordinary New Zealanders and wasting the money on hare-brained socialist ponzi schemes.