Backlash against Migration Compact topples Belgian PM

Caption: What the mainstream media would no doubt call “dozens” of “neo-Nazis” protest in Belgium at the UN Migration Pact.

For decades, nations have been signing up to UN agreements, declarations and compacts that, piece by piece, erode their national sovereignty, without ever consulting their own citizens. The latest, the ?Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration?, may be the straw that finally breaks the back of public resentment at this elite club?s anti-democratic rule by fiat.

The Migration Pact erases the distinctions between legal and illegal immigration, and between citizens and non-citizens. Worse, it undermines the UN?s own foundational principle, the sovereignty of nation-states. It is a blueprint for an open borders, Globalist world.

Many nations ? including Australia ? have refused to sign. In those which have, public anger is growing.

Now the backlash has claimed its first scalp. Quote:

Belgian Prime Minister Charles Michel has offered his resignation just days after one of his main coalition partners quit in a row over migration.

Mr Michel lost the backing of the nationalist New Flemish Alliance (N-VA) over his support for a UN migration deal signed in Marrakech last week.

His move follows angry demonstrations in Brussels against the UN pact. End of quote.

Although Michel?s Reformist Movement party began as a classical liberal party, the party gradually adopted the fluffy, centre-left social liberalism that did so much damage to the Australian Coalition government under Malcolm Turnbull. After his coalition was deserted by the conservative-nationalist New Flemish Alliance earlier this month, Michel survived a no-confidence motion to hang on to power and relaunch his government, just last week.

But the Belgian public?s resentment over the Migration Pact has finally pushed him off his perch. Quote:

Mr Michel has told King Philippe of his decision. The king has yet to announce whether he will accept the resignation?He announced his intention to resign on Tuesday following a debate in parliament in which opposition parties refused calls to support his minority government?

Mr Michel had previously defended the Marrakech migration pact, saying it presented an “opportunity for better European and international co-operation”?But critics in Europe believe it will lead to increased immigration to the continent?Over the weekend, thousands of demonstrators marched in Brussels against the pact. Police deployed tear gas and water cannon as clashes broke out.

A counter-protest organised by left-wing groups and charities in the city centre drew about 1,000 people. End of quote.

The possibility remains that Michel could be asked by the King to remain as a kind of caretaker until elections scheduled for May.

Interesting times are ahead.

Caption: Belgian protestors are well aware of what the Migration Pact really means.