Banana Republic of New Zealand

Banana republic

Newshub reports that our current immigration minister is making New Zealand look like a ?banana republic?… or should we say, even more like a banana republic than it does already. Any country that has a government willing to trash profitable industries and declare?that ?capitalism has failed? when it is the single thing that has brought more people out of poverty since time immemorial, and that wants to fill the place up with immigrants looking for social welfare, would qualify for that definition. The Karel Sroubek decision has also demonstrated that our banana republic government does not have a clue what it is doing… as if we didn’t know that already. quote.

A veteran immigration lawyer says Iain Lees-Galloway’s handling of the Karel Sroubek case makes New Zealand look like a ?banana republic? and a ?bunch of plonkers?.

Mr Lees-Galloway has?reversed his earlier decision?to allow the convicted drug smuggler to stay in New Zealand, after taking into account details of the convictions Sroubek received in the Czech Republic – which weren’t considered when he made the earlier call.

Marcus Beveridge, who runs Queen City Law, told The AM Show on Thursday Mr Lees-Galloway has to go.

?He’s brought the portfolio into disrepute. He’s also made the Immigration department the subject of red-hot vitriol on talkback over the last couple of weeks… There’s a lot of really good people in the department, and he’s made them look like a bunch of plonkers.? end quote.

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Both Jacinda and Lees-Galloway threw immigration officials under the bus over the Sroubek affair. First, it was a supercilious ?Trust us, we know what we are doing and you couldn’t possibly understand the complex nature of this case? attitude, and when that didn’t work, the officials were blamed. They weren’t at fault. The minister, and no one else, was responsible for the?decision. quote.

Mr Lees-Galloway initially said he made the call based on official advice, after only an hour of looking at the case file. Mr Beveridge, who has three decades’ experience dealing with Immigration officials, finds that hard to believe.

?If you met them and you understood them, you’d think, ?These guys are smart guys.?… They do a good job. [Associate Minister of Immigration] Kris Faafoi does 90 percent, so the minister doesn’t do much heavy lifting. The minister does very little heavy lifting. He only really gets involved in things like excluded person – major criminals and so on – where he actually exercises his discretion. In this case he just stuffed it up.? end quote.

I have absolutely no trouble believing that, for some reason. quote.

Rather than apologising to Ms Ardern, Mr Beveridge says Mr Lees-Galloway should apologise to Immigration staff and the nation.

?The report was comprehensive. He just stuffed up. He should have said, ?Look, I’m sorry?, and then most decent Kiwis would have said, ?Okay, we’ll give you another crack.? Instead he’s come out with this sort of arrogant position, looking like Moses reading a tablet, it’s scripted and it’s all spin. It’s sort of?House of Cards?stuff.?end quote.

The problem for the government is that they are fresh out of competent people. Not that Lees-Galloway was ever particularly competent, but the rest of the talent pool is pretty shallow. If you take into account their gender equality policy, this job really should go to a woman but they cannot find a talented ANYBODY to fill the gaps created by the useless ministers.

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