Beef and Lobsters: The smearing of Jordan Peterson

Dr Jordan Peterson (Photos by Jonathan Castellino)

The theatre is booked
The dates are set
The tickets are sold
Jordan B Peterson is coming to Town

You better not cry
You better not pout
I’m telling you why
Jordan B Peterson is coming to town

Crying and pouting is exactly what the progressive media will be doing between now and his February tour date. Also misrepresenting, straw manning and quote mining. It has begun with Madeleine Chapman, staff writer at The Spinoff,?whose piece began with the eloquent opening sentence quote.

I took three shits during my week living as Jordan Peterson.?end quote.

Naturally, she did not discuss any of the relevant and interesting topics Jordan Peterson addresses but focused instead on his supposed pandering to ?privileged white men?, the well straw-manned lobster and of course the unusual diet.

Let’s begin there. Jordan Peterson is on a rather extreme diet because of severe health problems including autoimmune conditions. Unless you have debilitating health problems and are willing to spend years carefully adjusting your diet, preferably with medical supervision, YOU SHOULD NOT try this at home. NO! not even in order to write a click-bait article. To do so is an act of supreme idiocy.

Well, I suppose we had better do the lobster thing. Again.

Madeleine says: quote.

Male lobsters fight each other and the winner grows in dominance while the loser shrinks. The dominant male lobsters get all the females to mate with them while the losers get none. This is how lobster society works and this is how human society works, says Peterson. Peterson?s fans affectionately refer to themselves as lobsters and him as the ?Lobster King?. end quote.

Jordan Peterson is not saying we should structure our societies along the lines of lobsters.

The reason for the analogy of the lobster, in particular, is that serotonin functions in lobsters in a similar way to how it does in humans. It’s much easier and more ethical to experiment on lobsters. Serotonin is the chemical that (in part) controls depression. While humans may feel depressed, defeated or like losers for many reasons, lobsters, it seems, are interested in relatively little besides eating and mating. In lobsters the interaction is pronounced. A defeated lobster with low levels of serotonin literally shrinks and continues in a negative feedback loop of feeling defeated and being defeated. The parallel with humans is obvious. Psychologically, positive feed back loops can help with depression, anxiety and bad habits. Look up cognitive behavioural therapy if you doubt me. Positive feedback starts small with a small change like standing up straight with your shoulders back.

The bulk of the article is the misleading rhetoric that is the same in every hit piece.

Jordan Peterson’s audience is reportedly almost all male. It may have been so in his early days on YouTube, but as his popularity has increased so has the number of female followers. Attendees at his events are now 30-40% women.

Peterson pointing out that a huge proportion of people who are seriously disaffected by homelessness, workplace deaths, homicide, and violence are men is ?whataboutism?, according to Madeleine. Because didn’t you know that?the patriarchy hurts men too?

As usual, Jordan Peterson is presented as upholding the issues of white men over those who have been historically oppressed. Discussing the problems of young men is currently seen as inherently detrimental to women and minorities. The young men who follow him are presented as doing so because they feel victimised and disenfranchised by the loss of their privilege and are hostile to women and minorities because of it. In fact Peterson’s opposition to any kind of self-victimization is well known. He actively encourages taking responsibility for your own life. Hypocritically, this is often used to suggest a lack of sympathy for or even a hatred of women.

Naturally this makes him a Nazi: quote.

Peterson himself explained it best when talking about how Hitler came to power, in a clip he insists is not Nazi apologia. end quote.

and a panderer to the Alt-Right:?quote.

Peterson continues to deny any connection to the alt-right, and he wouldn?t be lying to say he does not officially align with their values, but he is undeniably beloved by radical conservatives. Anyone with his size of audience ? and a way to measure their engagement ? quickly learns what their followers want. end quote.

Madeleine goes on to admit to doing this herself, but of course her targets ?deserve criticism?. Her article is nothing special. Jordan Peterson hit pieces are a dime a dozen. Instead of reading another one, why not find out what Jordan Peterson really thinks from the man himself? It’s not hard: his book is available everywhere, he has thousands of hours on Youtube?and he has been interviewed on every major network in the western world. Best of all, he says in no uncertain terms and out loud what he really thinks. Which really is the problem, isn’t it?


by Temporal Tui