Best and worst Christmas dinners

The Mirror carried out a poll and found that six in ten readers had messed up the all-important Christmas dinner in some way or other.? Lumpy gravy, under-cooked or overcooked vegetables, we’ve probably all been there and done that.??Quote.

Andre Dupin, head chef at recipe kit company HelloFresh UK, said: ?This research shows that even the most confident chefs can find preparing Christmas dinner a challenge, particularly when cooking for a large number of people.

?Preparing the festive feast involves lots of different elements, and you need to be fairly confident in the kitchen to be able to bring each of these elements together at the same time.

?Almost half of those polled admitted coordinating cooking the turkey, sides and sauces was the hardest thing about preparing Christmas dinner.

”Making the meal just right is extra important for home cooks when it comes to the big day.?

The study also found leaving the giblets inside the turkey, creating gravy which is too thin and under boiling the sprouts also feature on the list.

While other cooking mishaps include burning the potatoes while waiting for the turkey to cook, putting too much salt in the vegetables and forgetting to turn the oven on.

The study found the average person will cater for around five people at Christmas time, and four in 10 admit they?re worse at cooking if there are additional people watching them.

The hardest person to cook for is the mother-in-law (14 per cent), followed by a partner or spouse (11 per cent).” End of quote.

Understandably, this company is in the business of providing the Christmas dinner along with step by step instructions on how to prepare the meal.

Something most cooks dread about having poultry for Christmas dinner is the risk of making guests sick or possibly even killing them.? In 2013 a pub in the UK did just that. Quote.

A woman has died and 30 people have fallen ill following a Christmas Day lunch at an east London pub.

Della Callagher died two days after eating at the Railway Hotel in Hornchurch.

The Health Protection Agency (HPA) began an inquiry after a bacterium that can cause food poisoning was found in samples from the affected diners.” End of quote.

You won’t kill any dinner guests if you keep your poultry in the fridge and give it a few days to defrost while it is in there.? Cook it well for a safe and stress-free Christmas dinner this year, and be careful that leftover cooked meat is speedily refrigerated.

Or do the kiwi thing and have a barbie – unless you are a keen cook keep it’s much better to keep things simple and avoid stress.

Happy Christmas!