BREAKING: National MPs are walking from the House

The house empties out as National MPs staged a walk-out. Photo: RNZ / Rebekah Parsons-King

National MPs are walking from the House after Bridges and Brownlee were kicked out.

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From Stuff

Opposition leader Simon Bridges has been kicked out of the House after asking the prime minister?if she was ducking for cover cover the?Karel?Sroubek “fiasco”.

During Question Time National leader Simon Bridges was asking Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern a series of questions relating to the case of the?jailed drug smuggler.

He asked when Sroubek?would leave the country and if she believed there would now be a long court case.

He asked if she had entirely washed her hands of anything to do with the Sroubek fiasco and if she was ducking and diving to get out of his way.

Speaker Trevor Mallard then told him to leave the house and also asked Shadow leader of the house Gerry Brownlee to leave.

As he left, Bridges he said loudly, “talk about bullying”.

The opposition side of the House?is now almost empty as MPs followed their leader in an act of solidarity.

A newspaper reports that


[…] Mallard however gave no reasons as he ordered him to leave.

Shadow leader of the House Gerry Brownlee was also ordered to leave after saying Bridges seemed to have struck a nerve.

National MPs Nick Smith then accused Mallard of “bulling” behaviour on several occasions.

Out of the 56 National MPs, there are now fewer than 10 left in the House.

Tensions have been building between National and Mallard over an alleged bias by Mallard against National and yesterday he accused Bridges of being “smart arse” in his questions.

Mallard withdrew and apologised fairly soon afterwards.

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