Callers overwhelmingly against UN Migration Compact

Now that the great unwashed are finally starting to hear about it,?Newstalk ZB?reports that the vast majority of its callers on the subject are opposed to New Zealand signing the UN Migration Compact, although it is probably already too late by now. quote.

Callers into the Chris Lynch Show this morning were overwhelmingly against New Zealand signing up to the UN Global Compact on Migration, with many expressing concern it was an ideological decision by the Prime Minister.

The Government hasn’t decided whether to sign up to the agreement, even though a decision must be made in only a few days. end quote.

Jacinda Ardern originally said it was to be signed by December 17th and is now saying December 20th is the deadline. She is also saying that the final decision will be made by the Minister for Foreign Affairs, Winston Peters.

Winston is our only hope now, guys. God help us all. quote.

Caller Chris said he is an immigrant to this country, but he had to spend thousands of dollars and go through many hoops before he was accepted.

“My heart bleeds for everyone in the world who needs a better life, I am a immigrant here myself. But if this compact goes through, is the NZ government going to refund the money I spent coming in legally here?” end quote.

Good point. Why bother doing things through the right channels when arriving on a leaky boat and tearing up your passport will achieve the same effect? This is madness in the extreme. quote.

Another caller said she believes there is an ulterior motive for NZ signing up to the agreement

“We have an ex PM who was in the United Nations, and that could be one thing that could be an incentive for New Zealand to sign up. I personally think it is very unwise.” end quote.

Well spotted. Many of us believe that Jacinda is wanting to follow in Helen Clark’s footsteps and get a cushy job at the UN. As a result, she is hell-bent on signing the compact. I have to admit, I live in hope though, that this compact will spell the end of the UN as we know it. Donald Trump will pull the US out of the UN the minute it tries to force all countries into accepting the terms of the compact, which Angela Merkel has indicated will happen if two-thirds of member states agree to make it binding. Once the US has gone, taking its funding with it, the UN will not be able to function. This cannot happen quickly enough. quote.

Dennis told Chris Lynch he was worried NZ would get taken advantage of, and said there was no clear benefit to signing up.

“It?s crystal clear that we have to do everything for them, and we get nothing in return. We have to house and feed them and give them access to everything, and there is nothing there which says what benefit we get in return.” end quote.

The trouble here is that all this is coming too late. The media has kept a stoic silence over this issue for months, and so, for that matter, has the government, which has known about this compact since March. Jacinda claims she would never sign New Zealand up to anything detrimental to our sovereignty when it comes to immigration policy, but either she is lying or simply does not understand the ramifications of the compact. I suspect she doesn’t understand it, and maybe she doesn’t particularly want to understand it fully either.

If the government was not intending to sign, we would know about it by now. The fact that we are still surrounded by ?maybe? and excuses about deadlines all indicate to me that this ?open and transparent government? is trying to pull a fast one yet again. We have probably signed up already and the government is hoping that the facts will get lost amid the Christmas festivities.

Let us hope that this is not the case and that we have not signed as yet, and that Winston Peters does the decent thing and pulls New Zealand out of it. I fear it is a vain hope though. It will all get lost in the festive season, as the government is hoping. Once we are all back on deck we may not realise that New Zealand will have a very different future than the one we thought we would have due to a Marxist prime minister and a sad, bitter old man.

I will gladly apologise to both parties if I am proved wrong but don’t hold your breath. As we all know by now, I won’t be doing that anytime soon.