Chilling implications of UN compact for migration on free speech & media

The UN Global Compact for Migration will have a chilling effect on freedom of expression and the freedom of the press.

ACT has always been an unabashed defender of free speech and a free press. This treaty has grave implications for both.

The darkest aspect of the Compact is Objective 17 which deals with shaping public perceptions on migration through childhood education, the media, and public information campaigns.

It implores nations to use ?awareness-raising campaigns? to ?inform public perceptions regarding the positive contributions of safe, orderly and regular migration?. This provides the perfect opportunity for propagandists at the Human Rights Commission to tell New Zealanders what to do and think.

The Compact would require New Zealand to ?enact, implement or maintain legislation that penalises hate crimes? without specifying exactly what constitutes a hate crime. In countries where hate-speech laws have been enacted, they are being used to silence and bully political opponents. Those who define intolerance are always the last people you would ever want to have such power.

The UN also wants tougher media regulation, including by ?sensitizing and educating media professionals on migration-related issues and terminology, investing in ethical reporting standards and advertising, and stopping allocation of public funding or material support to media outlets that systematically promote intolerance?. Journalists who report inconvenient facts about migration could find themselves persona non grata.

ACT?s long-standing support for immigration isn?t changed by its opposition to signing the UN pact.

With labour shortages in construction, dairy, and seasonal industries, New Zealand needs migrants in the right areas. However, we must reserve the right to welcome those who maintain their financial independence, contribute to national prosperity and respect the New Zealand values of free speech, free association and property rights.

The UN Global Compact for Migration strips New Zealand of control over its own borders and its public policy direction and presents a genuine danger to New Zealand?s values of free speech and individual liberty.

ACT is opposed to signing and implementing this agreement.

by Stephen Berry

ACT’s Human Rights Spokesman

**If you live in Auckland you can join ACT’s Human Rights spokesman Stephen Berry at

AOTEA Square

SATURDAY the 8th of December

At? 2 PM.

He will be speaking against New Zealand signing the UN migration pact which concerns everybody no matter which political party they support. Some have suggested that supporters wear a yellow vest or shirt to show that this is not a partisan issue.

**Please sign and share this petition to stop Jacinda Ardern from giving away New Zealand’s sovereignty. The UN Migration Compact leaves New Zealand open to illegal migrants entering our country.