China’s rivers of gold pour straight into Labor’s coffers

Caption: Illustration: Claudio Munoz/The Economist.

Clive Hamilton?s Silent Invasion outlines the astonishing depth and breadth of Communist China?s infiltration of Australia, particularly in academia, tourism and government. Universities who howl and gnash their teeth at the thought of a dedicated Western Civilisation study course, eagerly bend over and welcome Beijing-funded and run ?Confucius Institutes?. Chinese state-owned ventures are buying up whole towns in Tasmania.

Worse, though, is when state governments and political parties ? almost invariably on the left ? form a conga-line of useful idiots begging for Chinese cash. Quote:

The NSW Labor Party?s head office in Sydney has been raided by the Independent Commission Against Corruption today as part of an investigation into ALP donations.

Officials of the NSW ICAC are believed to have searched the ALP?s Sussex Street office for financial documents linked to an annual party fundraising event called the Chinese Friends of Labor. End of quote.

Beijing seems to have no end of friends in the Labor party. ?Shanghai Sam? Dastyari, described by intelligence officials as a Chinese ?agent of influence?, was caught out taking Beijing?s money in return for political favours. Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews secretly signed up to the notorious ?Belt and Road Initiative? in the lead-up to that state?s election. A West Australian Labor MP and Army Reserve officer, Pierre Yang, was forced to resign from pro-Beijing organisations tied to China?s infamous United Front Work Department. Quote:

While the precise nature of the investigation remains unclear at this stage, it is known that the NSW Labor Party has fostered close ties with prominent wealthy businessmen from the Chinese community in Sydney.

Former Labor senator Sam Dastyari quit politics because of a scandal over his relationship with one businessman and large party donor, Huang Xiangmo.

In 2016, it was reported that another Chinese-born businessman with links to Mr Dastyari, Minshen Zhu, had written a $2000 cheque for NSW Labor candidate Chris Minns as a donation for the 2015 election ? yet Mr Zhu had apparently never met Mr Minns. The cheque was not cashed.

Other Labor MPs with close ties to the Chinese community include federal MPs Chris Bowen. One key link between the NSW ALP and the Chinese community over the years has been Upper House MP Ernest Wong, a Burwood councillor before he was given the seat of retiring MP and former Labor treasurer Eric Roozendaal. Mr Roozendaal then went on to work for Mr Huang afterwards.

The ICAC raid earlier today occurred while all senior officials including NSW ALP boss Kaila Murnain were in Adelaide at the party?s national conference. End of quote.

Federal Labor is doing their best to smile while they eat a very unpleasant sandwich. Quote:

NSW federal Labor MP Matt Thistlethwaite said today that NSW Labor staff were co-operating with ICAC and that the anti-corruption watchdog does ?great work.?

?The officials and the staff and the branch officers of NSW are co-operating to ensure ICAC can conduct their investigation,? he told Sky News?

When asked if it would be unfair if ICAC held hearings before a federal election on their current investigation, Mr Thistlethwaite said he would not ?second-guess? the anti-corruption watchdog. End of quote.

Just smile and wave, boys. Smile and wave.