Choose lies if the truth hurts your fee-fees

Caption: Recruiting female Spitfire pilots was hampered by a severe wartime shortage of uniforms.

The mainstream media aren?t even hiding it any more: given the choice between telling the truth or spouting propaganda for their cause, they admit they?ll happily lie through their teeth.

Seinfeld?s George Constanza famously said, ?It?s not a lie if you believe?. The Guardian?s Poncey Feminist-Twatt instead says that it?s not a lie if it makes you feel good. Quote:

When is the right moment to reveal the full horror of the patriarchy to your daughters? According to BBC historian Dan Snow, you don?t. The ?grim realities? of gender relations won?t encourage them to follow their dreams, he reasons, and so he fibs. This week, on an episode of the Parent Hood podcast, he said that during a visit to an aviation museum his six-year-old daughter pointed out that all of the photos of Spitfire pilots were of men. Snow told her that women also flew Spitfires in combat in the second world war, which is untrue. End of quote.

Of course, the photos were all men: because the combat pilots were all men. Ms Hyphenated-Surname openly admits this. Still, she happily advocates lying, because it suits her idiotic ideological agenda.

To prove just how deeply stupid her ideology is, Ms Oxbridge-Twitt blithers that thousands of young men dying to defend women like her from actual Nazis (as opposed to anyone and everyone who disagrees with her idiotic opinions) are ?the full horror of patriarchy?. Presumably, Ms Fatuous-Tartt would have preferred it if thousands of women were blown to pieces in the skies over Britain.

After all, this is a vacuous cretin who blames her friends for her being a bit of a fatty, and that her ?PTSD? ? well, what self-respecting millennial doesn?t have ?PTSD?? ? just ruins her endless overseas holiday flights. Quote:

This has naturally enraged some, who are already spinning it as disrespect to the war dead and snowflakey leftie liberalism, not to mention saying that Snow is a rubbish historian. End of quote.

Well, yes to all of the above.

But, like with all liars, pathetic self-justification is the order of the day. Quote:

[It] seems to me to be an act motivated by kindness and empathy, not an indication of bad parenting. End of quote.

No, it?s a lie. A bare-faced lie from someone who absolutely knows they are lying and who is professionally obligated to tell the truth about the past they are lying about. There is simply no way to dress this egregious lie in a false cloak of virtue.

But, of course, for leftists and feminists, it?s all one big pity-party all about them. Quote:

Snow?s daughter is growing up in different world than that in which any aspiring female Spitfire pilots did?they are not being raised in a wilderness, and society will have already ingrained itself in myriad ways, in the ?aren?t you pretty?? versus ?isn?t he clever??, in the toys, in the shoes they wear, in the books they read, in the men in suits they see on television. It?s fairly harmless, all in all. End of quote.

Yes, it is, you vacuous Guardian idiot. So stop lying about it.