Climate hypocrites flock to Katowice & eat the wrong food

Climate hypocrisy has reached?giddy heights in?Katowice, Poland as tens of thousands of delegates, visitors and volunteers burned petroleum products and produced CO2 so that they could gather and lecture the rest of us on the evils of CO2.

These are just the volunteer helpers

But that is not all, there’s more besides.? It seems that the conference organisers scored an own goal.

A green gang is taking them all to task for the meat-heavy emphasis of the food provided. Quote.

New analysis from the Center for Biological Diversity, Farm Forward and Brighter Green today finds that the meat-heavy menu at the United Nations? Framework Convention on Climate Change conference COP24 could contribute more than 4,000 metric tons of greenhouse gases to the climate crisis.

The data found that if all 30,000 visitors choose meat-based dishes at the conference?s largest food court during the 12-day conference, they would contribute the equivalent of burning more than 500,000 gallons of gasoline or the greenhouse gas emissions attributed to 3,000 people flying from New York to Katowice.

The groups that compiled the research called on the United Nations to create a framework for host countries to prioritize climate-friendly menus at future climate meetings.

?The meat-laden menu at COP24 is an insult to the work of the conference,? said Stephanie Feldstein, director of the Population and Sustainability program at the Center for Biological Diversity. ?If the world leaders gathering in Poland hope to address the climate crisis, they need to tackle overconsumption of meat and dairy, starting with what?s on their own plates. That means transitioning the food served at international climate conferences to more plant-based options with smaller carbon footprints.?

The menu features twice as many meat-based options as plant-based ones. These meat dishes generate average greenhouse gas emissions four times higher than the plant-based meals. The two dairy-free, plant-based options generate one-tenth of the emissions.

In addition to higher greenhouse gas emissions, the meat-based dishes on the menu require nine times more land and nearly twice as much water as the plant-based dishes.

?What people eat at a conference may seem like small potatoes when it comes to curbing global emissions,? added Farm Forward?s Claire Fitch. ?But if those at the forefront of global climate negotiations aren?t going to ?walk the talk? at the highest-level climate conference, how can we expect the rest of the world to get on board?? [..] End quote.

Well, that is a bit rich!? None of them ‘walked’ the talk getting there, did they?? Planes are the preferred mode of transport for the green climate campaigners.

Perhaps Stuff and Nonsense could write a stiffly-worded editorial explaining the error of their ways?