Commenter of the week

Commenter of the week

Here at Whaleoil, we have a lot of talented people making comments on our posts all of the time.

So, every week, we shine a light on the person we think most deserves an accolade.

Please note this is not about just one comment. We are looking for more than that. We are looking for someone who regularly contributes constructively to our forum and to the messages we are trying to send.

This week, questions still remain unanswered as to whether or not the government will sign the UN Migration pact, which almost certainly means that they will. So we now live in a communist state, where the voting public’s attitudes to issues such as immigration can be completely ignored. Santa apparently comes to children in New Zealand in a feather cloak and a waka, especially if you live in Nelson. Nehe Milner-Skudder took exception to Duncan Garner’s opinions on Maori issues, confirming that Garner really is a hard right journalist. Simon Bridges was thrown out of the House for confirming something that we all knew, namely that Trevor Mallard is part of Jacinda’s protection squad. Oh, and Jacinda is the 29th most powerful woman in the world. Along with Taylor Swift and Serena Williams.

This week, our Commenter of the Week is…


Wallace Westland??

Wallace (may I call you that?) is a long time commenter, who has made a lot of useful and insightful comments in his time. He is (apparently) happily divorced and is often at the forefront of men’s issues.

In the spirit of great commenters, Wallace has also been banned from WO… 3 times. When he started, it is fair to say that he was a bit…?cavalier in his comments,?but he has grown considerably in his insight and thoughtfulness since then. I have to admit, he is one of my favourite commenters.

From The Generational divide is not trivial: quote.

My girls are Gen Z and one is now nearly 3 years older than I was when I left home and school and went to work.
I love them to bits and while smart they can be incredibly uninformed and the lack of common sense is appalling. They’re almost permanently attached to a cell phone and the frustration if they run out of data and the begging for more is very cute and completely pointless.

I realise you can and should blame the parents and I do too, I’d like to think it might have been a little different if I’d been around but I doubt it.

The reality is they’re over indulged at school by lefty liberal teachers and a simpering media which they have far to much access too.
I sometimes wonder if they need a babysitter if I leave them alone. end quote.

Easy to spoil your kids, Wallace. We have all done it, and probably with the best intentions.

From Backchat: quote.

I hired a cleaner a couple of weeks ago.

I’ve been banging on for ages that I was going too.

What’s not to like? They clean they leave, you don’t have to have sex with them or talk to to them, hell ya don’t even have to be there. Seemed awesome!

So far in two weeks I’ve done more bloody cleaning since I hired her (friend of a friend) than I have in the last 12 months to even out the things she missed which didn’t look grubby before but do when the thing next to it is cleaned 🙂

Add to that it seems not only does she clean she tidies!

It took me an hour to rearrange the pantry and fridge back to where I keep things, I’ve got no idea what’s happened to some stuff in the bathroom and for the life of me don’t understand why anyone would think its a good idea to wash drapes.
HINT: ITS NOT! end quote.

I did the same thing once. She turned out to be an alcoholic. Terrible housekeeper, but boy she could clean out the wine racks in 5 minutes flat.

From: They’re not even trying to hide it: quote.

Poor luvvies. I have zero sympathy and have given both my liberal daughters (I blame their mother) fair warning when this subject came up.

“Go investigate yourselves, but don’t come crying to me if you continue to pander to these people and their stone age ideology and you’re raped and beaten by them” (or words to that effect).
Surprisingly they’re both having a change of tune as they are (or appear to be) listening to what I’ve shown them…albeit from afar. end quote.

We all have to watch out for this. In Sweden, many young women who were pro-immigration have had a change of heart since being sexually assaulted. Clearly, the word ‘grateful’ is nowhere in the Islamic scripts.

From: Three polls and three very different results: quote.

It’s still a majority. Until Simpering Simon is prepared to be a point of difference instead of the Labour lite clone he’s shown himself as so far, nothing is going to change.

Where’s the attacks on Twyfords moronic handouts of money to P smokers, his absurd buying off the plans and failure to add to the housing stock and his blatant arrogance, on ILG’s blatant arrogance in general, on Ardern’s obvious intent to sign up to the UN covenant on unchecked migration AND persecution of anybody that dares speak up about it and HER blatant arrogance, the money wasted on a virtue signalling opportunity at Pike River, the bribes handed out to Pacific Islands…the list is endless?

Where I ask? end quote.

Yes, the CoL is the gift that keeps on giving. But if the media won’t cover it, what chance does the opposition have?

From: Stuff and nonsense: quote.

I lit up another couple of tyres to see if we could get this climate change thing in time for summer, so far to no avail. end quote.

From Backchat: quote.

Ahhh. Thanks. Yep very stupid and not completely surprising. On top of that I’m afraid Bridges comes off with the debating skills of a wooden spoon. He’s an appalling speaker and needs to give up more of the limelight to his more congenial MP’s. end quote.

A little unfair to wooden spoons there, Wallace.

Also from Backchat: quote.

Jessica Mutch would have been wetting herself with glee at a National leader being removed by the functionally illiterate moronic bovver boy, the constantly incredulous politically correct, pom pom waving Ardern loving, socialist nutjob wannabe reporter ninny that she is! end quote.

Yep. Can’t argue with that.

From: Maori more affected by climate change: quote.

They struggle to live in the present too.

Instead they prefer to live in the past where they were noble warriors and lived long and happy lives off the bounty of the land until they died peacefully in their sleep until “colonisation”. wait…that’s not it, they lived a vicious brutal stone age life of war, fear and starvation without so much as clay pots, the wheel or a written language and had an average life span of 34. end quote.

Yes, but it was all because of colonisation, Wallace. Get with it, boy!

Oh, and seeing that it is Christmas, Wallace is quite capable of a seasonal joke. (This one is my favourite.)

Thank you Wallace Westland? ? ? for some very good comments over the years, and particularly in the last week. Love your sense of humour and your sense of realism.

Here is a little token of appreciation from the wonderful Technomage:

Keep those comments coming, Oilers. It may be Christmas, but bills are often passed sneakily at this time of year. This year, there are an extra 2 sitting days in parliament, but no one seems to know why. There could be something very sneaky coming this time.