Commenter of the week

Commenter of the week

Here at Whaleoil, we have a lot of talented people making comments on our posts all of the time.

So, every week, we shine a light on the person we think most deserves an accolade.

Please note this is not about just one comment. We are looking for more than that. We are looking for someone who regularly contributes constructively to our forum and to the messages we are trying to send.

This week, questions STILL remain unanswered as to whether or not the government will sign the UN Migration pact, which almost certainly means that they will. There have been problems with signing the petition to stop them from signing, which may or may not have the governments grubby fingerprints all over it.

Santa Hana Koko is coming to Wellington, although nobody can figure out why.? We received confirmation that Stuff really is a fascist site, with the profiles of climate change sceptics actually being deleted.

Poor unfortunate Grace Millane became the hijacked persona of man-haters, and the battle for name suppression was almost as ugly. The media campaign to get rid of Simon Bridges continues, which makes him look better by the day. If Labour are so scared of him, he must be doing something right.

This week, our Commenter of the Week is…



I don’t know much about LesleyNZ, except for her propensity to drink hand sanitiser in the interests of Whaleoil research. Hint: we were all threatened with having our mouths washed out with soap by our parents, Lesley, but you don’t have to take it literally. Anyway, kids do it themselves these days with Tide pods.

From: No future for cars, but a bright one for cyclists: quote.

Thank you Winston. Because of you we have silly girls who have not a clue about life in reality running the country. Because of you the elderly are being forgotten and marginalised by the Labour Led Coalition of the Losers. How many elderly people can ride a bike? end quote.

Doesn’t matter, because there will soon be rules around euthanasia, where people get put down at a certain age… if the Julie-Ann Genters get their way.

From: Join the dots: Sroubek-Hardcore-Ardern: quote.

Oh-dear-me. This is not a good look for Jacinda and the Labour led coalition government. No wonder Lees-Galloway thinks that the public are not interested. He is hoping so. Now the chickens are coming home to roost. And there is Lizzie Marvelly all chummy with Jacinda! After “reading between the lines” and observing the lack of openness and transparency methinks there are a lot more dots to join up in this saga. The spin doctors in Jacinda’s office must be so dizzy! Question. How chummy is Clarke Gayford with Richie Hardcore and his friends? And then there is the other Clark – Helen Clark………………………………………………… (Is “Hardcore” Richie’s real surname?) end quote.

Apparently so. It is a good job he doesn’t use the other, common abbreviation for his name, Richard.

From: Labour are desperate: quote.

When I heard this on the news my first thought was how nasty and horrible are those who participated in this poll. Jacinda believes in kindness and being kind. Well those who vote for her are certainly not a kind lot. The words these people espoused says all about them. Stuff and Nonsense should be ashamed if itself to have provided the means for such vitriole. end quote.

Stuff is a fascist site now, Lesley, and we all know what fascists are like.

From: Impassioned speeches from 2 National MPs at the March for Life: quote.

If you watched how abortion is done and how after the abortion the baby’s puled apart body parts are then put together again like Humpty Dumpty, then you would know it is murder. end quote.

Lesley made a number of well-informed comments on the abortion debate on this particular post, and I recommend anyone who is interested to go and have a look.

From: How a tragedy became a man hating rant: quote.

Hopefully now, after this dreadful tragedy and the outpouring of grief and anger being shown by NZers and our Prime Minister being moved to tears, the Labour led coalition government will ditch the plan to go soft on crime and punishment and imprisonment. The murderer of this beautiful young woman should locked up for a very long time if not for the rest of his life. end quote.

And so he will be I am sure, Lesley, but the need to turn it into a man-hating exercise was totally over the top.

From: Face of the Day: quote.

Barclay apparently left a month ago. Why was his departure such a secret and kept quiet for so long? Were we and the media meant to find out this side of Christmas? Methinks not. Was the open and transparent Labour led coalition government waiting until we were all on holiday before we found out about the CEO’s missing in action? Methinks so. One thing is for sure. Phil Twyford deserves an Oscar for his role in pretending this past month that all is OK with Kiwibuild. Is question time still happening in parliament this week? If so Judith Collins has a lot of questions to ask about Kiwibuild and the Labour led coalition government had better answer them. end quote.

This is ‘open and transparent government’, Lesley. Get with it!

From: The attack on the traditional family continues: Jesus becomes a foster kid: quote.

Absolutely true. The people who tweeted the above are deliberately mocking Christianity. They would call me a “hater” yet they are the ones doing the hating. As Jesus said to his disciples: ?If the world hates you, keep in mind that it hated me first” (John 15:18) and then because Jesus loved the world he goes and dies on the cross for all of us (including the the haters) taking the penalty for our sin. Those who have tweeted the above are lost souls and little do they know – they need Jesus. Also when Jesus Christ is used as a swear word/expletive have you ever thought why this so? What is it about Jesus that makes his name to be used in such a way? Most say it without much thought. end quote.

Times are tough for true Christians these days. Pity, because Christianity really is the religion of peace.

From: Parliament is full of bullies: quote.

Talking of Trevor Mallard, bullying,and the “interesting revelations about the goings on in our halls of power” and the resulting Mallard enquiry – and the hypocrisy of this enquiry. Will the enquiry into MP’s behaviour stretch back 6 years? I suppose not. “An email from an anonymous but? reliable source”? ?…?by Cameron Slater on March 29, 2012 at 7:30am – the Tip Line:
Since Trev reckons anonymous but reliable sources are worth going public on you might like to publish this. Serial Rooter Trevor Mallard was rooting one of his caucus colleagues repeatedly in a parliamentary office and squawking like a strangled Duck, making so much noise that the MP in the office next door made an official complaint.
Being an anonymous but reliable source and a senior party member I should know which of his parliamentary colleagues he was rooting but I am unable to confirm the rumours that it was Clare Curran, so I shouldn?t repeat it.
Your friendly anonymous but reliable source.” end quote.

You might think that, Lesley. I couldn’t possibly comment.

So thank you, LesleyNZ?LesleyNZ?for your thoughtful and inspirational comments over the last week, and all other weeks. I admire your commitment to the things you believe in. The world needs more people like you.

And here is a token of appreciation from the wonderful Technomage

Keep those comments coming, folks. Christmas is no excuse.