Comrades lend me your purse

I shouldn’t tease them really but when I saw The Daily Bog blog’s tweet pop up on my Twitter feed I just couldn’t resist writing about it.

Being an anti-capitalist blog is all well and good but when you can’t get the Socialist government to fund your Socialist blog what is a poor Chardonnay Socialist Editor to do? Wrongly Wrongson still has to pay the rent on his trendy inner-city apartment after all.

The photo selected to go with The Daily Blog’s ‘ contribution drive’ is hilarious. It made me think of how Jacinda Ardern wants us to believe that she shops at K Mart when she is earning more money than many of us could ever dream of. The text that accompanied the photo was even funnier.

Interestingly the comment section was turned off for the contributions post. I wonder why?

Christmas Contributions Drive

Brothers and sisters, Comrades, it?s that time of year again when we pass the hat around so we can pay the bills over summer and buy beloved ones a tiny Christmas gift ? if you want to support independent blogs?who have done so much to counter the right wing bias of the mainstream media, ?then we need your support.

If you are in a position to contribute towards us staying online over the Summer ??please do so here.

Platforms like The Daily Blog are now more crucial than ever before in the NZ media landscape, if you haven?t donated before, but read us regularly, we could do with your support.

Kindest of regards ? The Daily Blog Team.

Now for the Whaleoil version…


Dear Oilers

thank you for subscribing to Whaleoil we do not take your support for granted. Your support gives us financial security that ad revenue does not.

If you have been enjoying our content for a while now and have not yet subscribed please consider giving us both the Christmas present of a subscription.

  • We are New Zealand’s largest and most popular blog by a country mile.
  • Conservative websites like ours are under threat all over the West.
  • Free Speech is under threat all over the West.
  • There will be more attempts to silence us.
  • If we get shut down you know that you will miss us.
  • We can’t do it without you
  • PLUS I want to buy my loved ones an ENORMOUS Christmas present because big is better!