Crybaby of the week

I’ll have a soy milk, decaf, flat white coffee, please

If people are weird enough to like decaffeinated coffee with soy milk, which is essentially Trans coffee (as it is only an imitation of the real thing), then I? would expect them to be happy enough to pay an arm and a leg for it as well, but today’s crybaby of the week Michele wasn’t happy at all and went crying to Newshub.quote.

[…] Michele told Newshub she was on her way to work when she called into Mojo Coffee’s Vulcan Lane cafe and ordered a large decaffeinated soy flat white to go.

“I couldn’t believe it, $7.30 for a coffee? I was absolutely dumbfounded,” she told Newshub.

[…] I know you always pay more for decaf and soy milk, but usually only 50 cents – more than that is just ridiculous.”

A Mojo Coffee spokesperson told Newshub the prices are set by everything that goes into making the “awesome cup of coffee”.

The price of the beans, the barista and all other business costs are included in this cost.

“A regular flat white, which is our most commonly sold coffee, is $4.50 – and if you use our VIP app, you get 10 percent off the price of every coffee, so then it’s just $4.05,” the spokesperson says.

“The woman you mentioned did have a more pricey coffee, a large flat white is $5.50, then using soy milk is another 90c and a decaf is also 90c on top of that. That’s how it got to $7.30.”

Had Michele used the Mojo App it would have cost her $6.57.

The spokesperson says Mojo Coffee tries to be as transparent as possible about the prices of their coffees, having all the prices on boards and on in-store menus.

Michele can’t fault the cafe apart from the price of her coffee.

The food, staff and atmosphere are always good, and you can always count on a good coffee, she says.

Something Mojo Coffee is happy to hear.

“We are stoked to hear that she loves our food and the staff, we think our team is pretty awesome too,” the spokesperson says. end quote.


Crying over the price the price of a fancy schmancy coffee? Here’s a thought: if you don’t want to pay $7.30 for a coffee then

  • Don’t order a large one
  • Don’t order decaf
  • Don’t order soy milk
  • Don’t order it and then bleat to the media about it