Environmentalists use climate change to push socialist agenda

Damien Grant writes: quote.

This month’s climate summit in Poland ended with a commitment for ongoing monitoring and reporting on national carbon emissions; with a focus on reducing those emissions. Which, if climate change was only about climate change, I’d be more inclined to get on board.

Unfortunately, there has been a merging of environmental and other political agendas. In his submission to cabinet in July, Climate Change minister James Shaw states openly that, “we are committed to a transition to a net-zero emissions economy that is just and inclusive”, rather than just being “committed to a net-zero emissions economy”.

He continues,?”The transition will require significant economic transformation”. end quote.

And we all know this is going to hurt… right? quote.

And this, dear readers, is the problem. Shaw and his comrades have a vision of a different economic model, one that sane people have tunnelled under barbed wire fences to escape. Alas, the sacrifice required to achieve this gender-fluid post-colonial paradise requires a reversal of most of the economic gains of the last 50?years. end quote.

That will suit the Greens down to the ground. They are determined to take us back to the Stone Age. quote.

It requires direct or indirect state control of the means of production, intrusive regulation and ultimately a vastly reduced living standard. Giving up air conditioning to achieve gender and racial equality is a tough sell. Thankfully the threat of mass extinctions and the disappearance of the Maldives is a more compelling argument.

The production of carbon, from the methane produced from cows through to the human by-product of a good curry, is endemic. Changing the economy to reduce this will require a brutal re-alignment of industry, not merely a bit of tinkering with grass types for the dairy industry.

Now. There are some sacrifices I may be willing to make to reduce the risk of a three percent rise in global temperature but I am not going to sacrifice a can of baked beans to advance a political agenda I find repugnant.

It seems to me that Shaw and his ilk wants to use the economic and social engineering required to reduce carbon emissions to also achieve their other political aspirations.

This is a mistake.

It leaves people like me, who believe in anthropomorphic global warming, unwilling to support the changes necessary to reduce carbon emissions.

If the Greens want us to support their environmental agenda they need to de-link it from their socialist one. end quote.

In other words, we need a true environmentalist party that concentrates on issues that affect and benefit our environment, without having to push a socialist agenda onto everyone to achieve it.

I am with Damien Grant on this, and I suspect everyone else is too. Most of us want to protect our environment. Many of us do have concerns about climate change, even if we are not convinced that the world is being destroyed because of it. But the disconnect happens when people like James Shaw have to ram a socialist agenda down our throats, implying that it will be necessary if we are ever going to fix climate change. The two things are not linked in any way, and to imply that they are is to treat voters as if they are stupid… which may be true, but only up to a point.

The sad thing is that the Greens would get some real traction if they would drop their socialist agenda and concentrate on environmental issues. This is the reason most of us do not support them, even though we want to support environmental issues. If the state of the environment, sea level rises and changing weather were such desperately important issues which superseded all others, then why did they waste the last 9 years in opposition when they could have offered to work with the previous government? National indicated that they were open to it, but the Greens were not. That tells you everything you need to know about the Green party. They are indeed watermelons: green on the outside and Marxist red on the inside. For them, politics trumps the state of the environment and saving the planet every time.